What I Did Yesterday

Yesterday morning I woke up and went to school. Pretty much everyday I get to school super early because my brother has tutoring every morning. It’s really annoying because then I’m just sitting at my locker for like 15 minuets. Then I went to the cafeteria with my friend Falyn and we stalked people’s insta. Then it was athletics which wasn’t too bad because we played basketball, and I love basketball. Then I went through all my classes and left 7th (science) period early to go to the dentist. When I walked in the dentist and sat down my friend from my old school texted me and said, “Hi.” I was very confused because I haven’t texted her in a while.

Then she asked if I was at the dentist and we met up and she said that he acedently swiped snap chat and got to the snap map which shows peoples location. I didn’t believe her I think she was stalking everyone then saw that I was close to her. Then my mom started crying when she saw my friends mom. She is very emotional.



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