Because of Winn Dixie by: Kate DiCamillo

The book Because of Winn-Dixie was a very sad, happy, and soulful book about a girl and her relationship with her dog.  The book took place in a small down in Florida. She finds the dog scrambling around at a local grocery store called Winn Dixie (that’s where she got his name)  and takes her home, before they call the pound on the dog. Throughout the story the girl finds relationships because of the dog. For example, one day Winn Dixie ran into a garden of the so called “witch” of the neighborhood and she ended up becomes friends with the “witch.” I loved this book because personally I am very fond of dogs, I have two dogs named Coal and Pepper. Every day I look forward to seeing them and hate leaving them. In the story she takes her dog everywhere and never leaves him. That’s why I loved the book.

One thought on “Because of Winn Dixie by: Kate DiCamillo

  1. Morgan
    , I love this book to it is such a good book. I also have a dog named Cash. I thought is was really cool that she brought her dog everywhere to. Last year I actually went to the Winn Dixie store in Destin, Florida.

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