Six flags!



For choir every seventh and eighth grader goes to Six Flags. But first we have to go to a competition. The competition is so boring, and no one wants to be there. We all want to be at six flags.

We finally finished at the contest and got on the bus. When we got there every one ran to the gates to get in. We were all in and my group went to the Iron Rattler first.

When I went to six flags over spring break the Iron Rattler was a two hour line. We got there and it was a two minute line. We got on the ride and it was so fun. There is a 180 degree drop so it feels like you are going straight down.

We also went on the chair ride where it takes you up super high and swings you around. I almost passed out on that one because the only thing holding you in is a seatbelt. That one was my least favorite.

After that we ate and rode more roller coasters. I also got a waffle coat with no ice cream. A few people stared but for the most part I had a really good time.





For Easter I went to my grandparents. We have a lot of family so it’s hard to even walk through the house without bumping into someone.

It’s always something different with my family.  Last year we got a bounce house and my brother thought it was a good idea to get on the top of it.  Because he weights like 10 pounds he was able to inflate it and stand on the top. Long story short he got his leg and started crying.

This year we got another bounce house. But this time we filled it with soap and water. Half of the bounce house filled up. We slipped and slided until we couldn’t anymore. Then my brother threw up so we had to call it a day.

Later on in the day we had a pretty normal Easter. We ate and then we played a few board games. We also ate so much candy we almost puked. All in all I had a pretty good Easter. I love going to my grandparents because of all of the wired stuff that happens.



This past Thursday I went to a choir concert. We had to go to Tom Glenn high school, and the drive was about fourty five minutes.

When we got there we went into this big black room to warm up. Our choir director was drilling and killing our songs. Our twenty minute warmup was up we went on to the stage. We sang our songs and the judges clapped and they normally don’t clap.

Next we went into this tiny room with three judges. That was the sight-reading room. We had to use our hand signs and sing a song  we had never seen before.

After we finished we walked outside to wait for our score. The judges use a scale of 1-5 1 being the best. The man came out with a trophie and announced we got all ones! Mrs. snouffer was so happy.



I hate camping! Why do people camp. Do they want to live like cavemen and sleep on the ground.

I have been camping one time and I hated it. I went with my brother and my dad. My mom got out of it. We had to sleep in the rain so all of my stuff was wet the next day. I was so upset because I was soaking with rain water. We packed up and left the same day

I also hate camping because you have to sleep with the bugs, and I do not like bugs. The camp ground we were at was right on the lake so someone could just come up and shoot us. I can’t sleep withought all the doors being locked at my house let alone sleep in a tent where there is no protection.

We have houses for a reason so why go back to where humanity started. Just stay in the comfort of you’re home and only go outside when you need to.



I love Drake. I have liked his music for a while now. Drake is a rapper from Canada and my parents hate him.

For my birthday my dad got me tickets to go see Drake. My dad really hates him and didn’t want to take me. But he ended up taking me. It started out really bad. There was a really bad car accident so we got there kind of late. We had to wait for like an hour before actually going into the area.

The person who was going on first was Future. He is another rapper but he’s not my favorite. He was really good but he took along time. I was kind of bored but he was still really good

Finally Drake came on. He played some of my favorite songs. He was so good but it was so loud in there. When we left I couldn’t hear for a while. There were some really wired people there. There was a really tall guy in front of me. But he sat down so it was all good.

In a month I am going to another rap concert and I’m really excited. I’m going with my friend Sydney and she is also excited.

Why homework is pointless



Homework is pointless. We learn all day and still have to come home to more work. It’s very stressful, and the work load just keeps getting heavier and heavier as the years go by.

One reason homework is pointless is all of it you have to do if you are sick. A few weeks ago I was sick with the flu. I was feeling awful and I also had to worry about the hours of makeup work ahead of me. I got back and I had about a week of makeup work. Most of it homework.

Another reason is because we are kids. We need time in the afternoon for stuff we want to do. People expect us to go to school for 8 hours all week then do 3 hours of homework. And on the weekends we have more. Do they want us all to be robots who just sit and study 24/7.

It’s to much for kids who just want to play sports or fill their time with other things. Who want to just sit and study?






last year for spring break my family went to Taos New Mexico. It was the first time I had been skiing since I was 4 years old. I’m a pretty athletic person so I can pick stuff up quickly. I had a private lesson and I was feeling good about my skill level.

We had two days left, and I hadn’t been skiing with my best friend. She’s been skiing every year for a while so she’s good. I decided I could do a red which is kind of medium. May I remind you that this is the second day I had been skiing.

So my friend and I got onto a ski lift and did a blue. It was hard but I managed to get to the second ski lift without falling. We were about to get off of the lift and my ski got stuck. So struggling to get off, the chair hit my back and I fell. So they had to stop the lift so I could get up.That was the first sign I should not be skiing.

Next my ski wouldn’t go on so it took me twenty minutes to get ready to actually ski. I finally got it on and started to go down the mountain. About halfway down I started speeding up. I couldn’t stop and I was about to go off the side of the mountain. So trying to turn left I fell, and rolled about ten feet. I refused to keep skiing so I slid down on my butt.

Come to find out my mom also fell. We got to a restaurant and called the emergency services guy because my ski was “broken”. After that day I never skied and never will again.

My phone



For a while I had had a cracked phone. I was walking one day and just dropped it. So my parents got me the iPhone 7 but I had to get all A’s.

over winter break I had broken my phone to the point where glass would get stuck in my finger. I begged and begged my parents for the new phone but they wouldn’t cave. Days went by with glass in my hand and not being able to watch stuff on it.

So finally after having a cracked phone for months I dropped it again. But this time was different. What I call the black hole started to take over. The black hole is just a really big black dot in the middle of my phone. It started to get bigger and bigger so finally I wasn’t able to use my phone.

My parents had to give me the new one, but the cost was that I had to go without one for two weeks. So I couldn’t text or call or do most things. So finally they gave it to me and all was well.



Cookies baking
Hands are shaking
Late night
Santa’s in flight
Early morning
Someone’s snoring
Down the stair
Oh what’s there
New toy
What joy
White snow
Frostbite on my toe
Family dinner
Frosty winter
Day after
Put up the nutcracker



Authors note:
I decided to write this poem because I love Christmas. I want my readers to understand why I love this season. I chose Christmas to write about because I think it’s so beautiful and just perfect. I tried several different styles but decided this one was the best.

My history essay


So my history teacher made us write an essay about why Texas almost failed an a Spanish colony.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be sitting. Eating your breakfast with your wife and kids then hearing the clomp of horses hooves. You go outside to investigate just to see hundreds of Indians making a straight line towards your house. That’s what it was like for the people of Texas in 1519. Texas almost didn’t make it as a Spanish colony because of hostile Indians, the land, and the missions were not doing great.

The first problem they had was hostile Indians. The Apaches and Comanches owned lots of land In Texas so to get from Mexico you have to go through Comanche territory (doc a). The Apaches were made up of 500 people. The Comanche and Apache Indians were killing people. That’s one of the reasons for Texas’s hardship. Indians were killing not only killing people in the missions they were also attacking the soldiers. The Indians also killed settlers from La Bahia.
The second problem was the geography. From Mexico City to Laredo is was 500 miles. The water was shallow so water trade was hard. Also if you travel by foot you had a very large chance of getting killed by an apache. So people would not want to leave their home in Mexico to be killed.

The third problem was failing missions. In 1777 there were only 2055 people that lived in the San Antonio mission, which was the most successful of them all. People didn’t want to walk 500 miles just to not be able to live in a mission or the mission to be bad. The mission of Los Ais was useless. The Indians already spoke Spanish and would only come to the mission when they need it. The mission of Nacogdoches there was one frier two soldiers and some farmers.

That’s what it was like for the Texans in 1519. Hostile Indians, bad geography, and mission problems. All reasons that why Texas almost failed. Think about what would have happened if Spain wasn’t able to colonize Texas. Would we all still be like the Indians? Would we still have to live in missions? We may never know.