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Next Monday I have to take the 7th grade writing STARR test and it isn’t going to be fun. I mean nobody likes the STAAR test so why does the State of Texas keep making us children who are trying to enjoy our short-lived childhoods take like THREE every year. On Monday all of the seventh graders in the state of Texas are going to write a twenty-six line expository essay, the least that they could do is let us poor children who are taking the test in the first place choose the prompt ourselves. Then to make it worse, we have to write another essay on Tuesday that is a personal narrative.

Soon after that, all seventh graders will take a math STARR test, but they will vary in hardness depending on what grade math you are in. I personally will have to take the hardest one that they give for seventh grade, Ninth Grade Pre AP.

Then, back to Language Arts, we are required to take a reading STARR test and a different date. In my opinion, I think I will have the most trouble with the math for multiple reasons: I love reading, I have a gift for grammar so the English one on Monday and Tuesday should be a breeze. Finally, I straight up do not like math at all, I have no idea how I made it into a 9th Grade Pre AP course in 7TH grade.

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  1. davids3 says:

    Well, first of all, we take three tests so that the State of Texas can asses ho we do each year and how to prepare the next year. Also, on Monday there will be at least one student in Texas who will not take the STAAR for some reason, whether because of an illness or some other major event like the death of a family member. Lastly, if some students chose the prompt themselves, then there will also be at least one student in the state of Texas that will choose a prompt like “What is your favorite flavor of ice cream” or something like that.

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