Terrible Trip

I go to camp every summer for two weeks at Deer Creek Camp with my best friend Emily. The last few days of the second week are reserved for this thing we call ‘trip.’ It is when we are driven out to the middle of nowhere, and we camp out for two nights! They say it’s supposed to bring you closer to God, but it just brings me closer to bugs and poison ivy, and I never wanted to be close to that anyway!

The first day we got to trip this year, they took us on a five mile hike, but I promise it was more like 15. Our group had a walking stick and when you carried it, you were the leader of all of us. Everyone in our group had it like four times, but I only got it once, because whenever I was the leader I got us lost! By the time the hike was over, I was starving. They promised us they would make dinner right away, and I was relieved.

After a little while my cabin went to check on the food, but it was not even close to ready! Did you know food takes forever to cook on a tiny campfire? Well I sure didn’t! After we finally ate, it was time to go to bed.

Before trip they told us the would give us squishy mats to sleep on, but when they handed them out they were tiny and thin! They were more like dish rags than they were mats! I went with my cabin into our tents, and the other cabins went into theirs. I was understandably tired, so I fell asleep fast!

I was sleeping pretty well until I was awakened by this wetness all over me and I heard a big boom! I opened my eyes to see my whole cabin already awake and there was a huge thunderstorm going on! Our entire tent was a pool of water and probably up to my ankles -The rain was going straight into our tent! THE TENT WAS NOT WATER RESISTANT!!!! There was nowhere we could go and there was nothing we could do, because we were in the middle of nowhere! We all just stared at each other and started laughing! We knew it couldn’t get any worse! But then we heard this loud noise and it was a huge ‘moooooo’ that sounded like a cow screaming. We peaked outside, and it was a cow screaming! The sound rattled my ears, and I knew that now it truly couldn’t get any worse. I sat in the same position as the water became even higher around me and listened to the cow screaming until I finally saw the sunrise. It was yet another day of trip I had to face!!

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