ISR book

The book that I am reading is  Little Woman  by Louisa May Alcott.  The setting of my book is at there neighborhood, there neighborhood that they live in is a pretty neighborhood and there neighbors have lots of nice things like carriages and other nice things. but there family does not. The book is about a family there are 4 sisters( Beth, Meg, Jo, Amy ) that live with there mom,And there dad is off at war. All of the sisters have different personalities so they don’t all get along But they always love each other. Every as an important roll in the family and will always love each other.


This video is about dance. Dance is what I do after school, I do dance Monday through Saturday.


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Hi guys!!! Welcome to my blog I will be using this blog to write about me. Thank you for coming to my blog. And I hope that you will come back soon.

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