The M&M Store

The sound of rattling

of the mighty large dispensers

you’ll have trouble battling

the urge to fulfill

you sweet tooth

because you’ll be fat

like Babe Ruth

the ringing of the ‘register

all sizes, colors, and shapes

better than the smell of

Superman’s many capes

all behold the gold

M&M store

When I was the Greatest By Jason Reynolds

I am currently reading When I was the Greatest by Jason Reynolds. It takes place in a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. It is an all black neighborhood with many crimes going around. The streets are trashed and it’s unsafe to walk around by yourself. Many people in the neighborhood are barley surviving off the small checks they get. The book is about a 16 year old boy named Ali, who is living with a single mom and a younger sister. He becomes friends with brothers named Noodles and Needles. Needles has some sort of syndrome that makes him twitch and talk a bit strangely. Needles often knits to put himself in a happy place and forget about his problems, which is why he is called Needles. Noodles has no syndrome, but acts strange around Needles, and is defensive of his brother. Ali is considered a wealthy kid in the neighborhood, while Noodles and Needles aren’t. To make up for this, Noodles tries to spend the least money possible. To make this happen, he has to do quite a bit of stealing. Unfortunatley, Ali has to pay for whatever Noodles steals, because Ali knows stealing isn’t right. Needles does too, but he just doesn’t say anything. The problem is, Noodles may do something really bad, like rob a bank, and Ali will then get in massive trouble.

What I Did Today

Today, I wasn’t at school. I skipped it. Just kidding. I wasn’t feeling well last night, but at around 10 I felt fine and went to school. Problem was, the front office doesn’t let you in because you have to be free of sickness for 24 hours, so I went back home. I did all my homework I had to do today that was posted in Google Classroom, although some teachers don’t post what they did. Luckily, Mrs.Cutler did, so I’m currently doing whatever y’all did in class today. As I was looking for examples of what to do, I found some very awkward ones about people writing about complete nonsense, so this is probably not for a grade. If it is for a grade, well those people are not exactly in perfect position to get a hundo. Anyway, toodles!