Band Concert and Upcoming Auditions

Last Wednesday was our first band concert of the year! I am so glad to have it over with, because I was nervous about it. It ended up being really fun though!

All of our songs sounded really good! We played really well, and so did Concert Band and Wind Ensemble. I really liked all of the music that we played. We played three songs: Sugar Creek Overture, Argosy, and Catalina March. My favorite was Catalina March, but I liked all of the songs more than the ones we played last year.

This Saturday we have District Band Auditions. I am so nervous, because it’s a really big deal. It’s where people from several different schools come together and we all audition for the same band. I am excited though, because it’s being hosted at West Ridge this year! I’m nervous because there are 26 saxophone players trying out, and only 12 make it. From those 12, only 6 advance to the next level. I have been practicing a lot, because I want to sound good for the judges. We have to play three random scales plus the hardest scale (chromatic), and we have to play three etudes. We will only have to play part of each etude, but we don’t know which part. The judges will randomly pick a little over half of each one, so we have to practice all of it. The judges won’t even be able to see us, because they aren’t allowed to show any favoritism.

Overall, I really like band. I am glad about how well the concert went, and I am excited and nervous for the auditions on Saturday!

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