Track and Field

This week I’m going to start a sport I’ve never really tried before: track and field. I’m super excited, but I’m also a little nervous.

Every morning during basketball we ran a LOT. The beginning of the track season has not been very different. Every morning we go out to the track, run a warmup lap, do a few stretches, then we run. We have run a 100 meter sprint, a 400 meter, An 800 meter, and a mile. The coaches–Coach Gammill, Coach Allred, Coach Jander, and Coach Hotchkiss–are all really good.

After school the past couple of days (Tuesday and Wednesday) we’ve been trying the field events. We tried high jump, long jump, triple jump, hurdles, discus, and shot put. Today, (Thursday) we can stay after school and try any event we want. I really liked all of the events, and I’m excited to try them again today.

The coaches said that the list of people who will be going to the meet at Hill Country on February 23 will be posted tomorrow. That meet will only include people that are doing running events, so the people doing field events still have time to practice before the first meet. I hope I make the team for this upcoming meet!

Overall, track has been fun so far. I’m really excited to keep trying all of the events!


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