Our very last track meet is this week. I’m sad that track is ending, but I’m super excited for the meet!

This meet is going to be different from the others meets in several ways. It’s 2 days long, it’s the first meet that will be officially scored, and it’s the first meet with preliminary events and then finals for those who qualify. Also, each school can only bring three people for each event. I am doing 4 events: shot put, long jump, triple jump, and the 800 meter run.

This meet is called districts because it involves everyone in our sports district: Hill Country, Dripping Springs, Lake Travis, Hudson Bend, and of course, West Ridge. Whoever wins each event gets 10 points for their school. Second place gets 8 points, third place gets 6, fourth place gets 4, fifth place gets 2, and sixth place gets 1. Whichever school has the most points at the end of the meet wins. Everyone wants to win districts!

So, track has been really fun this year. I’m sad that we only have one more meet, but it’s going to be really fun!

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  1. I think track was a lot of fun, too! Even though we didn’t win, it was still fun. I hope next year will be good, too!

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