On April 8, my DI team and I went to the State competition. We had won first place in our region, and now it was time to compete with every DI team in the state of Texas!

On Friday, April 7, four of the six people on my team piled into one car and started the six hour drive to Lubbock. The other two people flew there. We sat in the car for what felt like forever, and then we stopped for lunch. We went to this place where you could write all over the ceiling and walls, and we wrote our team name, Rainbow SNNAILs, everywhere. We were so excited to perform our skit for the State judges, but we were sad that it might be the last time we ever did it.

When we finally got to Lubbock, we were all exhausted. But, we were also VERY hungry. We had a meeting in one of our hotel rooms, and we ordered pizza. We ate fast, because we had to go to Pin Trading! Everyone got a bunch of pins, and we traded them with all of the other teams that would be competing the next day. It was really cool, and we all got a TON of pins. We finally were back at the hotel around 11:30, and we were very tired.

The next morning, we had breakfast at 6:30, then headed to the place where we would do our Instant Challenge. The Instant Challenge is something that we do where you get a challenge that you have never seen before and have to complete it in a limited amount of time. We got a challenge where we had to build a structure and then perform a short skit with the structure in it. We left feeling pretty good, because we thought we had done well.

About an hour later, it was time for the main part: our skit that we had worked on for months. We had a good skit, we just hoped nothing went wrong. When the judge started doing the whole routine where she explains our challenge to the audience, my whole team was nervous. But once we began, everyone felt better. We had practiced so much, we all knew our lines, and everything went smoothly. We felt like we had done a good job.

FINALLY, it was time for the Awards Ceremony. Teams for all of the challenges started to be announced. Every team ran up, thrilled that they were advancing┬áto the Global competition. After a long wait, our challenge was called. We had seen that we had some REALLY tough competition, so we were hoping to go to Globals in 7th, maybe 6th place. Once the announcer didn’t call us for either of those places, we were forced to accept that we might not get to go to Globals. But then, the announcer said something that sounded like “Eanes ISD.” We got so excited, because we knew we were the only team from Eanes in our challenge. When he called “Rainbow SNNAILs, going to GLOBALS!” we got even more excited. We ran up to the stage, and got our medals.

So, we get to go to Globals in Knoxville, Tennessee during the last three days of school. I’m so excited, and I hope we do well!


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