Basketball Tryouts

Volleyball recently ended, which I was very sad about. But I’m really glad it’s basketball season! Last week we had tryouts. We ran a lot, and we were all super tired afterwards. I was expecting to run a lot, but not this much! We ran sixteens, suicides, and then we also ran during most of […]

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Volleyball Tournament

Last weekend we had a volleyball tournament. It was so fun! We played two games Friday night, then a few more on Saturday. My team played really well, so we ended up tying both of our first two games. I was sadly out of town for the games on Saturday, but my team apparently did […]

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Three weeks ago we had tryouts for the school volleyball team. I only started playing last year, but I tried out anyway. I was glad I did, because I made B team! I have to wake up really early so I can be at West Ridge by 7:10, but it’s so much fun and I […]

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