This Basketball Season

So far, I’ve had a really fun basketball season. I’m sad that we only have one more game, but there are still other things to look forward to this year! Our last game is in one week, so it’s next Thursday. We’re playing Dripping Springs, and I hope we win! So far, my team has […]

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Basketball Tryouts

Volleyball recently ended, which I was very sad about. But I’m really glad it’s basketball season! Last week we had tryouts. We ran a lot, and we were all super tired afterwards. I was expecting to run a lot, but not this much! We ran sixteens, suicides, and then we also ran during most of […]

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Titus Trick Shots

This little kid is so cool! I love to watch him make every shot, and it shows that you don’t have to be old to be really good at something. He is so good at basketball and makes every shot on his first try! I play basketball and I’m going to try out for the […]

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