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The Tree

It starts with the death of a brother,

A seed hidden safe in the ground

Nurtured by surrounding dirt

Roots break the shell, shooting through soil

Reaching where light doesn’t dare shine

A minuscule sprout meets the air

Slight as an ant

Slim as a hair

And soon it will scale the skies


Leaves splay from the twigs

Stretching their aching fingers

Sunlight dapples the earth beneath

As the trunk continues to thicken

A shadow of its future

The color of mud during rain

So young

So much life left to live

And now it can reach the light


Then soared a singer, colored like sky

Feathers of silk

Melodic and agile, hunting for home

Hovering above the brightening foliage

Soon there was a nest of twigs

With three eggs resting inside


They joined the song

And now it grapples at clouds


The air grew heavy

Soon come the showers

Drowning the unsuspecting plant

The clouds wept down on the terrain

Trickling from the leaves

Seeping into the dirt

Taken by coiling roots

Drumming gently on rooftops

And now it sweeps the sun


Leaves dyed radiant colors

They twirl down from the skies

Crinkling softly under rubber boots

Blanketed with cold

Soothed by the killer


New life awaits at the other end

When the leaves begin budding again

And now it towers over the vast field


Many years pass

Like sand through cracks between fingers

The tree looms overhead

Singers come and go

Wrinkles engraved in its bark

Like scars

Thicket tinged with brown


The tree grew taller no more.


The leaves release a final breath

And cascade to the ground like rain beating down

For the last time.

The singers chirp a parting melody

Before fluttering into the airy clouds

The once sturdy trunk now feeble and gaunt

A hunter weak as prey

It plunges back to the earth from which it once grew

Shuddering in the light breeze

It’s time.


It ends with the death of another.


It starts with the death of a brother,

ISR Assignment

I just finished reading the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. The main character of the book is Jean-Louise, called Scout by her close friends and family, who starts off as 6 years old. She lives with her older brother (Jem) and her father (Atticus). Their home is in the small town of Maycomb, Alabama and the story takes place during the Great Depression. This book has a lot to do with racism in the southern U.S. during this period in history. At the start of the book, Jem and Scout decide to befriend a boy named Dill who is visiting his aunt. The trio become enchanted with Boo Radley, a man who lives down the road and is cloaked in rumors. Boo is rarely seen, so Jem, Scout, and Dill spend their summer playing games having to do with Boo and daring each other to do things such as touch the Radley house. As the years pass and Dill comes and goes, Atticus is tasked with defending a black man named Tom Robinson who is being accused of a crime. Many people in the town take to harassing Atticus’s family because of this, and the children start to realize how unfair their community is to black people. Throughout this time, Boo Radley is still entwined in the plot. I don’t want to spoil much more, but I do recommend reading this book wether you like this genre or not. It is a great reflection of the hardships certain people were facing during that time period and is written in a way so that you can easily understand the plot.

Lava Cake is the Best Dessert

Unsplash CC0

Lava cake is far superior to all other desserts. To put it simply, it’s an underbaked chocolate cake. I know, I know, it probably sounds atrocious when I describe it like that but hear me out (or read me out, I guess). The chocolate cake has a center of thick chocolate sauce that spills out onto your plate when you break the outer layer with your spoon. This dessert is delicious served warm, and is often topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce. It. Is. Amazing. If you’re a chocolate fanatic such as myself, you will immediately recognize the beauty in the lava cake. The part I really enjoy is that you get a 2-in-1 experience of cake and sauce. The chocolate-y goodness in the center is almost like a mini present in your dining experience. I’ve even made this dessert myself a few times, and the great thing is that you can make it in less time than a lot of other cakes because you don’t bake it all the way through. Not only does it taste good, but it has a cool name as well: lava cake. What other dessert do you know of that have a name like that? That’s right, none! There are no fireball crème brûlées or flaming donuts…but there is a lava cake. So, I hope you now know what the true best dessert is.

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