May 12

Tips to 2017 Seventh Graders

Seventh grade is a very challenging year. In sixth grade, it seems as teachers aren’t as strict and a little forgiving when you have a late assignment. Seventh-grade teachers expect everything on time and in order. Here is a list of four things to make do in seventh grade to make sure you have a successful year.


1) Make sure everything is turned in on time. There are no excuses for late assignments. Homework, Annotations, Vocab Packets, and Blog Posts are some of the most common assignments. They seem pretty easy but some kids still fail to complete them. You have to e-mail your parents and a zero goes in the grade book until you make it up. The best way to avoid the punishments is by turning everything when it is due.


2)  Grow up. Jokes like “21” and “Your MOM” will not be accepted as hilarious jokes anymore. Some teachers think the jokes are very annoying and some students  


3) If you’re weak don’t do athletics. You will not be able to lift anything and people will laugh at you.


4) Also, if you do not make good grades, don’t take Pre-AP English or Math. Just stay in your grade math for a smooth, easy ride. No need to challenge yourself too much and struggle all year.
These tips are made just for next year’s seventh graders. They really do have the potential to succeed and by following these four simple step, they could be legends. Thank you for reading and good luck to next year’s seventh graders.

                           Written as a collaboration By: Nathan and Maren

April 28

Math Project

The purpose of this project was to show you financial responsibilities. For example, you were given a yearly salary and expenses. You would then buy necessities and things you want. After shopping, you would live 6 months paying your expenses and buying more necessities. But, if you are not careful you would end up in debt.

I think that I am responsible with my money. As you can see in all the months in shopping, I only bought necessities or things that could bring my overall bill down. One example is in month 2, where I bought roller skates to bring my transportation bill down to a third by using them instead of a car. Another reason is because I ended up with $550.65 more in my checking account from the beginning of month 1 to the end of month 6. I had all that that much money because i saved up and only bought necessities.

The advice I would give my self is buy necessities to live and once in awhile you can buy a want item.I would give this advice because I don’t know my financial situation in the future, and this advice works for everyone no matter what situation. I tried to buy a want item in month 6 but I thought about what could happen in the upcoming months and decided not to.

Additional factors to change me from financially responsible to financially irresponsible is if I had more money. I didn’t want to go into debt in the first months because I was super poor. If I had a lot of money, I would spend it more freely like on TVs or gaming consoles. Not the situation where I spend all my money and go in debt, but where I could buy something without worrying.

About 38.1% of adults in America have credit card debt. I got this information from value penguin. But, I believe so many people have credit card debt because people don’t think about debt. Unlike me, I spent most of my time worrying what to buy and what not to buy in all the months because if iI made one wrong move debt would hit me. I believe this age group that has most credit debt 20 to 36 years old. At this age, students get out of college and their debt hits them and they start being careful. Like in month 1, if I was not careful I would have gone in debt for spending too much.

In the future, I’ll remember the things I learn from this project and apply it to my life. I will also save my money and only spend what I can afford.

April 14

Hudson By: Nathan

His head was pentagonal

And clean

And very pale orange,

And as he ate his food

He choked,

And as the food flew out of his esophagus
He jiggled

And I saw a flash of brown eyes

And sharp metallic teeth

And a throat of pink meat,

Weird, fast, strong

Then out of the cafeteria;

With two feet



He walked– That weird Hudson,

Pentagonal, clean, and very pale orange,

Part Eddie, part Liz

Part neither– for his blood was warm.

Come visit Hudson’s blog

Inspired by “The Shark” by Edwin John Pratt and published with permission from Hudson.

April 7




Mosquitoes are mean

blood sacs that fly around town

stealing blood from kids.


Mosquito (Culicidae)Creative Commons License Ryan Hodnett via Compfight

I chose to write this poem because I want to tell how much I hate these things. I hate mosquitoes because when you get bitten they itch like crazy and they make this buzzing noise when they fly around your head. Mosquitoes are also really dangerous because they can carry diseases.

April 1

Top 3 Places to Visit in the U.S.

Have you been to the U.S. without knowing where to go?  Well now you do. Here are three great places to go.

Big Chief Mountain Panchenks via Compfight

This is Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It’s famous for skiing and snowboarding. The scenery is great there and the natives are friendly. They get loads of visitors during winter, so they have great hotels.

Halekulani Hotel, HawaiiCreative Commons License Alan Light via Compfight

Second is Honolulu, Hawaii. There is great fishing and swimming here. Also there are great tourist attractions here in Hawaii and they aren’t that far from Honolulu.

Grand Teton Nathan Koski via Compfight

Third is Yellow Stone National Park in Wyoming. This is a park where you can walk and hike in. There are many geysers to see if you go. Many people come to see the geysers erupt.


March 3

Why Colorado, Steamboat Springs is a Great Place to Visit During Christmas.

Steamboat is a ski/snowboard place. They are really famous for winter sports. I went there this Christmas, I snowboarded. I went there for a week. I had so much fun there. Here are reasons why Steamboat is fun.

Steamboat has nice snow. Every day it snowed, so it had a fresh snow. The snow felt like pillows whenever you fall on it. Also, the snow at midday. It’s perfect for boarders like me. I went down super fast because the snow was groomed. (People already went down so the snow flattened)

Secondly is because of the hotels. They are perfectly placed, right next to the slopes. When you wake up from sleep you just walk there. It only took me about 5 minutes to get from my room to the slopes. My cousins would take like 7 minutes because they stayed in a condo. Condos were a little farther away, but still in walking distance.

There are more reasons why, but I just listed a few. If you will or have gone to Steamboat comment and tell me.

February 11

Super Bowl 50 Outcome

Super Bowl 50b

                                                                      Charlie Lyons-Pardue via Compfight

The Broncos won, sadly.   It was all because of their defense. If the defense was gone the Panthers would have won. Here are reasons why.


First off, Von Miller a line backer for the Broncos caused two fumbles. A fumble is where you drop the ball. The Broncos recovered the first fumble in the end zone which was a TD(Touch down). He also got the Super Bowl MVP award. He deserved it because the Broncos won because of him.


Second, is because Cam Newton played horrible. He through 1 pick and kept throwing the ball to high for his receivers to catch. He is a big baby! In his after game interview he walked off because he lost.


So the Broncos just played better in offense and defense. I bet the coach for the Panthers is angry. You could see it on his face when he was showed.  The Broncos deserved the win. Do you think so?

February 4

Super Bowl 50 Predictions

It’s that time of year again, The Super Bowl is around the corner. Who will win, the Panthers or Broncos? I think the Panthers are going to win.

First off, I think the Panthers are going to win because they had the better record this season. Their record was 15 – 1. (wins to losses) So statistically showing, they are most likely gonna win.

Second is because they have one of the best Qb’s this season. He has a average of 3,000 rushing yards each year, which is pretty good. Also his rating for 2015-16 is 99.4, which is really high. His name is Cam Newton.

Third is because I like the Panthers more. I like the Panthers more therefore I should think they are going to win. I don’t like the Broncos that much. I don’t know why, but I just don’t.

So I think the Panthers are going to win by a landslide. What do you think?

January 29

Phantom’s Lair

As Raoul enters the lair, he has dark flashbacks. The place where light doesn’t shine. A lake with no current, no light to lead the way. A single chair in the lonely corner. A dusty organ with a user who had killed. The darkest place Raoul has ever seen.

He walks down to the noose where he nearly died. He was nervous every minute standing right next to it. He thought the phantom might be somewhere around.

As he continued on, he stood next to the organ and hit a few keys. From the pipes, roaches and flies come out. He takes a step back and watches in disgust. He was the only bright thing there.

As he went on he saw the throne. A throne so dark you can barely see it. As he looks closer he sees a dark cape and a white mask. It was covered in dust and bugs. He just stood still and stared at it. After a few seconds he left the lair.

He walks past the chair and noose and out to the gate that let him in. He said as he left the lair “ good bye Phantom.”

January 12

Should students get paid for making good grades?

I think students should get paid for making good grades. The school makes some money off of us having good grades. I and who ever agrees are just asking for a little of what we help the school earn.

Here are some reasons why. We can use the money to buy educational things like our own books and school supplies. Getting paid for grades will give us something to work hard for, which increases the recognition and popularity of the school. I myself would try my best everyday if I would earn cash for every A.

Bad things about giving us money are if we used it to buy games and drugs which are really bad. I wouldn’t but there are people in the world who would buy drugs, with that money. We could also bribe teachers with the money to keep all A’s. (But I think teachers at my school wouldn’t accept this bribe)

So, I think there are more pros than cons. I think we should get paid even if other people don’t think so. It doesn’t even have to be that much.