At Bat


I smell the fresh cut grass and popcorn
I hear the audience shouting from the stands
I see the pitcher in his windup
I feel the dirt covering my hands
I taste the sunflower seeds in my mouth
I watch the pitcher as he releases the ball
I feel the ball rebound of my bat
I try to find the ball, but I see nothing at all
I feel my foot round first base
I now notice I have a loose shoelace
I see the out fielders sprinting to the fence
I feel my foot round second base
I taste the sweat trickling down my face
I hear my coach telling me to slide
I feel like I am on a roller coaster ride
I feel the leather from the third baseman’s glove
I watch the baseball fly out of his grasp
I hear the umpire screaming safe
I think I just hit a triple

Author’s note I changed some words around so my poem would rhyme a little.

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