The Super Bowl Is Approaching!!

Super Bowl 51 is approaching  and the two teams that are going to participate in it are the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. It was a long fought battle the whole season for both of these teams, and for one of them it is all going to pay off.

The first kickoff will be at 5:30pm on Sunday February 5th. Not until later that night though will we know who the 2017 champions will be. I really want Atlanta to upset New England because I am tired of New England always winning and if the Atlanta Falcons win they will get there first championship trophy. The New England Patriots on the other hand have one 4 Super Bowl championships and have been to the playoffs 22 times. A lot of people do not like the patriots because of “Deflategate” if you do not know what that is I am going to give you a brief overview. Basically at the 2015 AFC championship game where the New England Patriots faced the Indianapolis Colts there was an¬†allegation that the New England Patriots tampered with footballs used in the American Football Conference (AFC) championship. If you want to learn more about “DeflateGate ” click here.

Coming this Sunday the National football league will crown its next SuperBowl champion, and whoever wins will go down in the books as the 2017 SuperBowl champions.


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