New Elective

A few weeks ago I started a new elective class for the next 18 weeks. The elective class I switched from is a class called Above and Beyond, and I moved to a programming class called Animation and Gameing.

Animation and Gameing is taught by Mrs. Walker and it is a programming and game design class where we learn code like Java Script. Above and Behond was a class taught by Mrs. Reese ( the GT teacher), and was a class where we studied topics like philosophy, law, and engineering. In Animation and Gameing I am making a game with my partner Chris Wu.

In the future I might post more about the class Animation and Gameing and I might tell how my game is working out for us.

One thought on “New Elective”

  1. Hi! I’m Natalie, and I’m doing Above and Beyond this semester. Animation and Gaming sounds like a cool class too. I bet it will be fun!

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