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Apple is probably my favorite technology company. They are always in my opinion making high functioning devices that look very good and are somewhat simple.

When it comes to phones and coumputers I think Apple at least 2 years ahead of its competition. Right now apple is mainly competing with Samsung and they are killing them. According to data from Counterpoint’s Monthly Market Pulse, Apple has significantly increased its lead over Samsung in the premium smartphone market ($400+) since the launch of the iPhone 7. Over the summer, Apple was selling just over 50% of the global premium smartphones, and Samsung was selling just under 25%.  Apple makes so much money off smartphones is because each iPhone it makes costs somewhere around $200 to make, and is sold for over $600. The profit margins are far better for premium smartphones than nearly any other segment of electronics, so Apple ends up making more money on a $600 iPhone than it does on a $2,000 MacBook.

No matter what phone you have, everyone can appreciate the amount of work and design that apple puts in each year to make their iPhone. If you want to go check out an iPhone model click here.