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Election Results!!

The final Presidential results came in late Tuesday night and it could not  have turned out better. Our new president is going to be none other than Donald J. Trump!

There are both peaceful and non peaceful protests by people that feel sorry for themselves. Others are saying they are going to move to Canada because Trump became president, but I mean seriously you are not going to actually move to Canada that is just a way to let people know that you feel sorry for yourself. I know that I will probably get a ton of comments about how Donald Trump will not be a good president, but save your time because I don’t care enough to read them.

No matter how this election went half of the country would not have been very happy, but you just got to face the facts the president does not have very much power at all, for that is the way the United States government works and I am thankful it works that way. I like Trump even though I know he will not not build a wall it is still a good idea though.  That is what it comes down to at the end of the day. Ideas and the ability to give a good powerful speech because there is that small chance where it passes the US House of Representatives, both Chambers, then the President.

Within a year everyone gets mad because the president they voted for failed to accomplish the tasks they put upon themselves when they were running. It happens every time, but you can’t blame them they probably put a lot of hard work into trying to make it happen. So don’t think it is the end of the United States because the candidate you voted for didn’t win and the candidate you despised is now the president.

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