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Hey! My name is Natasha and I was born in a small piece of Russia not connected to the main part of land. It’s called Kallingrad. Its Between Poland and Lithuania. I was in 3 orphanages in my 2 and a half years there. but these nice people came and adopted me. Now I live in Austin Texas. I used to do dance so I’m really flexible and that helped with marshal arts. I got the belt just before black and then I quit. My dad wants to keep me active so he signed me up for lacrosse. I was goalie and it was really fun. then I quit. Now I take fencing because I love to poke people and it’s different that the usuall sport. I’m super fun and really crazy. I’m also a dare devil and a reble. I’m trying to learn to skate board and it’s fun. I love to draw. I want to be an artist some day and I’m pretty good at it, and it’s fun. I’m fun and different. And this is who I am.

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