Advice for 7th graders

We’ve learned a lot this past year, and now we need to share this information with you. Here are 3 things you will need to know to survive 7th grade.

1) Be organised! You will inevitably run out of pencils and pens if you don’t keep up with your stuff. All the ladies love an organised man.

2) Be in athletics, because Coach Greaber is a SAV. All the coaches are really nice, and sometimes we get to play dodgeball, and football and those are the really fun days.

3) Keep up with all of your homework. It might not seem that important now but it will in 7th grade more than ever. Especially in classes like math and Spanish.

The Blob fish

His body was gooey
And smashed
And snot color
He layed on a table
That was made of shiny metal.
He waited and waited
Until a man came
Sharp tools cut him
Then the super gooey blob fish was no more.

Inspired by “The Shark” by Edwin John Pratt.

District Track Meet

On Tuesday I had my District track meet, and I qualified for discus. In the afternoon I left school at 2:30 to go to Marble Falls. The drive there was about 45min-1hour.

Once we got there, I saw 100’s of kids do a lot of different things, but I had to get to the discus because I was late. Once I got to the field I saw other kids throw it, and they are really good. I was getting really nervous, so I calmed down and threw a couple practice throws, and they were really bad.

I was first for the throws that counted. I stepped to the front of the ring , and threw it. My first throw was 85ft, and my other throws weren’t far behind it. After everyone threw I found out I got 8/19 place, which wasn’t bad because I still qualified. After the meet I was really happy, and my parents were proud of me too. I can’t wait for track next year.

Fun filled attractions in Austin


Barton Springs is a really fun thing to do on a hot day. The spring itself is 3 acres long, and is fed by an underground spring. The spring’s temperature stays at a constant 68-70 degrees.

Barton Springs Pool 003Creative Commons License Roger Mommaerts via Compfight

If you are a music lover like me, you will want to go to Austin City Limits. Austin City Limits is a music festival, it is one of many favorite Austin attractions. It has a wide span of different bands from Rap to R&B.

ACL BlursCreative Commons License Andrew Nourse via Compfight

Austin city limits

If you like water activities then you will want to go to town lake. It is 468 acres of fun activities, like paddle boarding, kayaking, and fine day Māris Pehlaks via Compfight

My first track meet!

On Tuesday, Westridge , Lake Travis, and Dripping springs all had there first track meet.

The event that I got to do was disciss. Disciss is really fun sport, and if you get the hang of it you can become really good. When I was practicing my disciss there were kids that were like 6’1, and I was really intimidated beacause they threw it really far, but I found out they were 8th graders, so I was really relieved when I heard that.

Once I was up I was getting butterfly’s in my stomach, and when I went to throw the disciss I scratched, but the second throw I had was really good , but the other kids were good too. And I got 5th place out of 16.

I am just going to keep trying, and not give up. And I am going to get the world record some day.


After basketball season was over I didn’t know what sport to play, so my parents said to join Track, and I did.

On Tuesday we had our first Track practice. Coach Greaber was the shotput, and diskiss coach, and those are the field events I want to do. When we went outside to do shotput I didn’t know how, but it looked easier than it really was. The part that is hard is you have to get a lot of technical stuff done before you actually throw the 10 lbs ball

After I got the hang of it is was really fun, and I can’t wait until we have our first track meet.

Why I Dislike Like Chihuahuas

Why are Chihuahua’s so ugly and annoying? They are the worst.

To start with, the reason they are ugly, is I am pretty sure they are part rat with fur. They are just so small, and I don’t know who would want one, because if I had one I would probably step on it. And I would think it’s a scurrying rat.

The second reason is that I hate is how annoying they are. They just sit there, and bark, and bark, and bark. It is really loud and high pitched which is like the worst sound ever.

Now do you see why I hate Chihuahua’s

The Phantom’s lair

In the depths of the earth lied a gloomy cave. As I entered the floor was lined with nooses and bones. In the middle of the room sat a throne. On the throne was motionless cape in place of the Phantom of the opera.

I saw shadows dancing on the wall. Mice scurrying on the cold dirt floor. I lit a torch, and in front of me was nightmarish mannequin with a wedding dress on. Startled, I quickly ran out of the lair, and got in my boat hoping to never return.

Holiday break

Unlike most restful holiday breaks this one was more active.

My cousins came, and they are 20 and 23 years old. They enjoy playing sports just like my brother and I.

I live across the street from Westlake, so I go over to the practice field pretty often. My cousins live in Oregon and don’t really play football because it isn’t as big in Oregon than in Texas. We went to the Waac almost everyday and we played basketball ,and that is there favourite sport. On Christmas I got an arcade basketball hoop which was my favourite present. Every night we would have a tournament with the arcade basketball hoop, and I usally won because I practiced with the hoop a lot.

Overall my break was really fun and I enjoyed my cousins coming over. Now I’m waiting for spring break