Delta Purchases New Cseries Aircraft

After almost a month of discussions and deals between Delta Airlines and bombardier(A Montreal based airplane manufacture) they have finally come to a conclusion.

Delta has placed a firm for 75 Cseries C100 aircraft. Delta has made the largest order for these Cseries aircraft out of every other airline. Since the Cseries aircraft has not very much success yet, having one of the worlds largest airlines ordering so many aircraft is a major milestone for Bombardier.

Due to the aircraft’s new “state of the art interior” it will add for more customer satisfaction. For the list price of this deal it could cost Delta a total of 6 billion dollars. The new aircraft are due to enter service for Delta in spring of 2018.

I can’t wait to see these new aircraft in the Delta Airlines livery. For more information visit


Delta’s Near Deal With Bombardier

Earlier today I was reading a newspaper and saw a small article about a possible deal with Delta Airlines and the Canadian airplane manufacture Bombardier.

For those of you who don’t know Delta is the number 2 airline by passenger traffic in America. Also if you didn’t know Bombardier is a Canadian based commercial airplane manufacture that has had some downfalls lately. Now Delta is planing on possibly acquireing as many as 125 CSeries jets.

If you do not know what the Cseries airliner is than i will break it down for you. There are two models in the Cseries, the C100 wich 110 maximum seats. There is also the slightly bigger C300 wich has 135 seats.

I can’t wait till the day i get to ride on one of these unique aircraft.




He’s an aviation nerd says the model airplane on his dresser and the posters on the wall.

He doesn’t like to dust says the dusty dresser and desk. 

He reads a lot of mythology says the Percy Jackson books piled on the book shelf.

He’s definitely not organized says the overflowing desk.

Inspired by Abandoned Farmhouse by Ted Kooser


Before I started track I thought that I would be horrible at it and that I would hate it. At first I thought track was all about sprinting, but I was very wrong.

The day after the basketball season was over the coaches started talking to us about how track would be and that track guys would still have to do offseason, which I was totally not onboard with. After hearing what the coaches said and talking to my dad about it I decided to try it out. On the first day of practice I learned that there was a lot more to track than sprinting. I love long distance and guess what, there’s long distance in track! They also have field events that I’m not that interested in so I stayed away from those.

Another thing that I love about track now is hurdles. A lot of people hate hurdles but I think they would be a fun challenge. On the first meet I decided to try the 110 meter hurdles along with 800 meter run and the 1600 meter run(1 mile). Even though I didn’t do great on the hurdles and got 5th place I thought with practice I could get better.

At our second meet we only were doing field events and 300m hurdles. When I heard about the 300m hurdles I thought “hey, why not try it out and also make me better at the 110m hurdles”. Well after my fist practice with the 300m hurdles I really wanted to compete in the meet for the 300. When I got to the meet the only run/event I had was the 300m hurdles and the hurdles were the 1st event so I could run and leave. After the run I felt gassed but pumped at the same time. I GOT 3RD PLACE!!! That was pretty amazing for me anyway.

Even though at first I really didn’t want to do track, I think it was one of the best athletic choices I’ve ever made.

Scary Dentist visit

             No I now most people are scared of going to the dentist because of their sharp tools or there loud drills but this time I was scared for a whole other reason.It was a typical day, I went the to school and went to all my classes as usual up until lunch. I got a note in my 4th period class that I had to leave. I already knew that I was going to the dentist, but what I didn’t know was that it was not going to be a normal dentist.

                We walked in and as usual we signed in and sat down in the waiting area. Finally my name got called and I followed the dentist. When we walked past the chairs that they usually put you in I was really confused and a little freaked out.  

               The dentist walked me back to a room in the very back of the building. They sat me down and when they all left the room I asked my mom why i was back there and she said “You’re getting you four teeeth removed today”. thats when I really freaked out because i always remember when i was a lot younger i got two teeth pulled and it hurt really bad. When the dentist walked he started explaining to me that he was going to pull two teeth on each side of of upper jaw. He also explained how it wouldn’t hurt but I still didn’t beleive him. They finally gave me laughing gas and they also numbed my upper lip and my gum. Then they started their work and i felt almost nothing.

The whole “extraction” took almost no time at all. In fact, i didn’t even no what they were doing until they had already pulled two teeth. In the end I didn’t have go back to school of an hour and got a milkshake so yeah, it wasn’t so bad after all.





My Pilot Dream

Ever since I was about 6 or 7 years old I have had a interest in airplanes and aviation. Over the years my love for aviation has grown more and more and I’ve learned more and more about it.

My love for aviation skyrocketed when I was about 9 to 10 years old. I found a mobile flight simulator that I have mentioned before and it is called Infinite Flight. Infinite Flight has been rated one of the best and most successful mobile flight sims. Ever since I started playing Infinite Flight I have had to learn even more about airplanes and aviation in general to be able to actually fly the planes. Even though it is a game, the point of a flight simulator is to simulate what a real airplane would do so it is still very realistic.

So many times I have changed my mind about what I want to be when I grow up but now I have my heart set on being a pilot.

New update for my flight sim infinite flight

On Tuesday I was looking through the developer forums and I saw a few pictures of a new possible terrain radar. We also got a picture of a Dash-8 which is a commercial airplane but instead of the newer fan engines it has two propeller engines.

To be specific it has two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW100’s. The Dash-8 was made in 1983 and is still used today. Some of the primary airline that use the Dash-8 are Fly Be, Qantas Link, Jazz, and Horizon Air. Some other airlines that use the Dash-8 that I know of are Alaskan Airlines and American Eagle. The total number of Dash-8 is 1169 (as of September 30, 2015). Another thing that I’m looking forward to is the terrain radar which helps see if there are mountains and other high terrain. This is also helpful when there is low visibility so you don’t smash into high terrain.

Anyway the developers say this is still being tested so this might not come out for another month or so. I am very excited for the release

Why P. Terry’s is better than McDonald’s

If you have read the title I’m almost sure that many people will agree and disagree on why P. Terry’s is better than McDonald’s. In my opinion P. Terry’s is 10 billion times better than McDonald’s.

From from pink slime to beating chickens to death and also giving there chickens steroids, McDonald’s has had some hard times. I would definitely take P. Terry’s over McDonald’s any day. P. Terry’s uses real beef for there burgers. They also use healthier bread if you can be live it. Also, P. Terry’s uses real Idaho potatoes. Also, I am almost 100% sure that P. Terry’s has never had any problems like McDonald’s has.

Like I’ve said 1 million times I would take P. Terry’s over McDonald’s any day.

New puppy

With my dad recently we gat a puppy. She is SUPER cute!!!! Her name is Kiki. When I was watching a tv show the other weekend she curled up on my lap and took a nap. We got her on New Year’s Eve, we went to a friends house for New Years and they were “foster parents” for dogs until they are adopted. Well, that night we fell in love with her and the next day we adopted her. Kiki is a lab and cadahula mix. While I was gone I saw video of Kiki and our other dog (who is a German Shepard) named Kizeir playing together with was super cute. I can’t wait for years of fun and love to come.

Road Trip

For the past month we have been planning to to go to Ohio to see my grandma and grandpa. Now I sit here in the car in Arkansas writing this post. Just some background on my grandma and grandpa, AWESOME. That’s one word to use but also my grandma is a baker, she even used to OWN a bakery. Now I have been so excited to get to see my grandma. But, there is a catch. Because plane ticket prices around this time of year sky rocket, we decided to drive.

So first we drive to Nashville on Sunday (today). We will stay the night In Nashville. On Monday we will then drive up to Ohio. This morning we left at 7:00am to drive to Nashville. It took us half a day to get through Texas. We are now in Arkansas heading to Nashville.
I have been so excited to get to see my grandparents and get to bake and cook for thanksgiving with my grandma. I will also get to see my new baby cousin. I am also anticipating how big of a thanksgiving meal my grandma is going to make. The reason I say this is because my grandma makes enough food to feed 2 army’s, and STILL have leftovers. I’m also wondering how many pies/types of pie she will have. Outside of the traditional pumpkin pie I wonder what others there will be. Most likely banana cream pie (for my grandpa) and also pecan and apple pies. Anyway all goes to say that I am SUPER excited to get to see my grandparents.

In Arkansas we played a game were we looked at 18 wheelers license plates then record how many of each state. If you interested here are the stats from Our game.


Louisiana: 1

Oklahoma: 9

Indiana: 11

Maine: 10

California: 4

Texas: 4

Illinois: 3

Missouri: 4

Tennessee: 4

Mississippi: 1

Michigan: 1

New Jersey: 1

Alabama: 1

Wisconsin: 1


Ontario: 1

Arizona: 1