Demons and Angels 3

After the troll came the onslaught of enemies never seemed to stop. A serpent here, a phantom there, heck, they even went through the trouble of getting a hoard of bees and enlarging every single one. But it was always the same. They attacked, I attacked, I beat them, every single time, like clockwork. But something still didn’t add up. The monsters kept getting bigger and stronger every time, but never enough to put my life at danger. What was going on? This question perplexed me until one day I got my answer.

A letter, with a gold stamp on the front that had the country emblem of a griffin, came to my doorstep one summer day. I created a knife and slashed open the paper. Inside was a simple black and white letter. I knew that was peculiar, seeing as if this was a government letter it would have been in red ink, as that was the country color. Curious, I took it in my hands and read it.

Dear Alena Stardrop,

You have been selected as a potential candidate for the Magic Games. If you wish to participate in the competition, you will appear at Claw Mountain next sunrise.

The Magic Department of Pandora

I stared at the paper in utter shock, then understanding. That’s why all those monsters were attacking me, they were testing me. Seeing if I was fit for the competition. I was about to go to my trainer to tell him when I noticed another sentence on the letter.

You must keep this letter a secret from everyone. Telling someone is considered treason and punishable by death.

I frowned at that last statement. I know why they put it there of course, they didn’t want any wizard to get attacked by the monsters and start floundering they magic around trying to impress the watchers, but death did seem a little harsh. I shrugged, it want like I had any family or friends besides my trainer. I looked at the sky. Night was falling, I would have to get to Claw Mountain soon.

I walked at the base of Claw Mountain. Unlike its usual population, which was zero, it was crowded with hundreds of wizards, some battling, some meditating, and some just standing there confused. Suddenly a booming voice was heard over the large clamor.

“Wizards,” the voice started, “You have been selected as some of the most powerful wizards in Pandora,” that statement rose the ruckus back up again. “Silence,” the voice said. “As I was saying, you men and woman are the most powerful wizards in Pandora, but we have yet to test your skill and intelligence.” A nervous mutter rose out of the crowd. “We have set up an obstacle course that not only tests your skill and power, but your smarts as well. We will not tell you where the course is, where it begins, where it ends. The only hint we will give you is that there are ten routes you can go. Route A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J. You have six hours, and it starts right next to a gravesite.”

“Let the search begin,” the voice said.

Wizards of all shapes and sizes started to bustle about going into different paths. That’s when I realized that the games that took place in the arena wasn’t where the Games started. They started in a different place every year, and this year they started here. On this dirt, these rocks and under this mountian. These people thought they were trying out to get into the games but they were wrong.

The Game has already begun.

Demons and Angels 2

I walked in the darkness of the night, sweat dripping down my face. It didn’t bother me though, I was used to it by now. I looked up at the stars that dotted the night sky, naming off all the constellations one by one until there were none left. I looked back onto the path. My head shot up.

Something was here.

I twisted around and shot a beam of light at the dense foliage to my left. A huge, green monster shot out and charged forward. Within the space of a second I knew what the thing was.

Forest troll: A mammal native to the woodlands biome.

Strengths: Big and strong, sharp teeth used for cutting flesh.

Weaknesses: Low intelligence

I shot to the left at the last second and surrounded my hand in a magical light. The troll stopped and stared at my hands, with curiosity, anger, then fear. The monster pounced again, going almost full over my head, trying to crush me. I shot my up and wrote a quick and easy paralyzing rune on its chest. Then I stepped back. The monster slammed into the ground, causing a mini earthquake in the process. It tried to move its limbs unsuccessfully. I turned around and started walking down the path again.

Then I noticed something. I looked back at the troll. It was awfully big for a forest troll, probably the biggest one I have ever seen. I narrowed my eyes and examined the trolls body. I couldn’t find it until the I got to the bottom of the foot, hidden under a bunch of fur. An enlarging spell, one of the advanced ones. It took a lot of time and energy to write this, and even more so with a struggling troll underneath it all.

Somebody wanted me dead. And they were going through a lot of trouble to do it

But something didn’t add up. I was one of the most powerful mages in the entire city, very renowned and well known. So if somebody were to want me killed, they should have known that a simple troll couldn’t take me down.

But if their goal wasn’t to kill me, what was their goal. I narrowed my eyes and wrote a finding spell on a nearby tree. If there was anybody nearby it would shine a beam of light in their direction. In this case the spell just disappeared, meaning that there was nobody nearby. But that troll had come from somewhere. I thought about it for a minute and shrugged. If they wanted to kill me, they would have to do a lot better than a minor forest monster.

I walked into my laboratory. It was a crude place, with bottles of blood and unknown substances crowding the walls. The darkness engulfed me. I ambled towards the Necromancy circle, ready to try once more at my goal.

I walked to the magic lines, with many erased marks and strange symbols, done and redone many times. I grabbed a vile of blood from a hydra and a couple eyeballs from a basilisk and threw them in the cauldron of ingredients. Once they fell into the mixture I changed my magic script. The same words, the same characters, over and over again.

Once again it didn’t work. The mixture laid untouched in the middle of the circle. I sighed and walked over to the spell, erasing lines and drawing new ones over and over again. I was just about to redo the inner circle when I realized that the problem may not lie with my drawing, my calculations or with me at all, maybe it was with the ingredients I was using.

I shot up and dashed over to my research table. I leafed through all the torn out pages of my books until I found it. I knew what I needed. I can’t believe that I hadn’t seen it before.

I needed a contradiction. Two things that opposed each other so much that it created an energy burst huge enough to destroy an entire country, but instead of letting the energy created expand, I would shrink it down so it was a condensed ball of power, which I would use to cast my spell. And what two things opposed each other more then anything else? Yin and Yang, Light and Dark, Good and Bad.

I need a Demon and and Angels blood.

Demons and Angels

I sat on the edge of a cliff. A sharpening rock in one hand and my scythe in another. I looked down onto the Demon Lands. It was filled with fire, and death, and pain. I remembered my past home with disgust. This was my true home, and I was the leader. I saw demons everywhere, some with fur, some scales, and some who were nothing but phantoms.

Then I looked at the gray sky and saw an unusual dot in the sky, or should I say, unusual for somebody who doesn’t harvest souls ever day. Or for somebody who wasn’t a demon.

An orb of darkness floated down from the sky. I held out my hand and it landed perfectly in it. I spoke an indication and the markings on me lit up. Then one of my Reapers was standing right in front of me.

I listened to what the Reaper had to say. I knew it would be important, because I ordered them to only tell me information that was valuable to me. People died every day, that’s why I created the Reapers and disguised them as Ravens. I couldn’t be everywhere at once, I only harvested the important souls.

I listened to his silent message, and my eyes widened at it. I looked back at the Reaper. “Are you sure?” I asked. The reaper nodded. I scowled. “I guess they don’t want another one of me up there huh?” I turned around at the landscape around me.

“Goodbye for now, Demon Lands. I have a job to do.”

I summoned a blade with my magic and sliced open the straw practice dummy. I then teleported behind it and punched a hole through its chest, then as the finishing move I brought down an onslaught of light missiles. Needless to say there wasn’t any practice dummy left after that. I looked back at my trainer. He looked on, with at neutral look on his face, letting her know it was time for him to criticize her form. He walked forward.

“Your form on the punch was a little off, you punched a little to the left of the spine, as opposed to hitting him in the spine which would have left him incapacitated. Your sword swing could have been quicker, and that spell was a little weak for the opponent that I gave you.”

I sighed. This is what he always did, he gave me a test dummy and told me how powerful he was, what magic he used, his biography and everything. The idea was that I never knew what type of wizard was going to come by, and I should be prepared for everything. The biography this time was a young man in his twenties named Bachuus. He used Weather magic and was very powerful. I have to admit that my teacher was right, but he usually was, so I kept my mouth shut.

The magic I use is Stargazer magic, one of the rarest types of magic. It allows the user to make symbols that cast powerful spells, or just use the magic in beams or blasts. It was one of the most versatile magic of all, which is what made it so powerful. Of course, the reason it is so rare is that it requires ten months straight of nonstop training and no connections whatsoever to the outside world.

I came back from la-la land when my coach told her to try again. I wasn’t surprised though, I was training for the Magic Games, a contest hosted once every year to deem who the most powerful wizard in Pandora is. The winner of that contest can go on to the Grand Magic Games where all the most powerful wizards battle it out to see who greatest wizard of them all is.

I was going to the Magic Games.

Nothing could stop me.

The World

You came but with no reason why
You fought but with no reason why
You built but with no reason why
You mined but with no reason why

But what is life without a reason
What is life without a purpose

To fight
To build
To mine

Or maybe we came to make our own reasons
To create our own destiny

So build the skyscrapers
Fight for your home
And explore the world

Because this world is a gift
This is a world where you can just be
Just be the person you want to be
Do what you want to do

Because this is your world

I decided to write this poem because I feel like a lot of kids nowadays feel pressured to be one thing when they want to be another. Like your mother telling you to be doctor when you want to be a teacher. I feel like kids should be able to choose what they want to be. This poem also represents how we always seem to think we have a destiny, like our futures are set in stone, when they really aren’t.

Three National Parks in the USA

If you are looking for an amazing experience with the great outdoors, or just want to have a good time with your family, there is nothing more reliable than a National Park to do the job. Here are three National Parks you must see.

Yosemite National Park

Sunset at Half DomeCreative Commons License Mitchel Jones via Compfight

With its vast mountain ranges and towering monoliths, I doubt there is any place that will leave you more awestruck than Yosemite. Every turn you take is a new adventure, a new hike, or a new view. The vast wildlife, many waterfalls and huge mountains will make you want to come back again.

Yosemite National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful's SprayCreative Commons License Steve Jurvetson via Compfight

Yellowstone is an amazing place, 3,400 square miles of geyser ridden land, all on top of a underground volcano. With very stunning sulfur pools and millions of explosive geysers, as well as the most famous geyser Old’ Faithful, you find that you never be bored. Also, despite the hot steam rising from the ground, Yellowstone has many bears, moose and bison to keep you entertained.

Yellowstone National Park

Arches National Park

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park Radu Micu via Compfight

A distant cousin of the famous Grand Canyon, Arches National Park is a natural phenomenon. It has many nature made sandstone arches to keep you interested, as well as many climbing, hiking and sightseeing spots.

Arches National Park


I”M SO SORRY! My poems are AWFUL! Please look away.

You reach for something
But it disappeared
You can’t see it anymore
Like mist on a window

You see something
But it vanished
It is gone
Like a falling leaf

You catch something
But it went away
It will never come back
Like water in a stream

Why can’t I see them anymore
Is it because of something that I did
Something that happened
Or maybe because it isn’t happening

Wake up and see your own world
Wake up and rise to your own world
Wake up and come back to your own world

Wake up

Stolen World 5

“So, basically somebody, and we don’t know who yet, is making robots by using a special type of powder, that was created after a bomb, and can turn into metal, but only if it touches rock or sand. He is using these robots to kill off humans to take over the world, and this person is a member of this specific settlement, and we have to find him?”

I sighed, Rock didn’t make it sound as bad as it was, but Light had a specific candor about him that made everything, as Sarah said it, glass half empty. “Yeah, that pretty much it,” I said with another sigh. I had to admit though, with the small amount of people in this settlement, it’s pretty amazing that they haven’t found him yet.

“And Rock here is the main guy looking for him,” he gestured to the huge man next to him, Rock.

I scratched the back of my head, “Yeah, pretty much,” I replied.

“Let me get this one last thing strait, we, as in you and me, are going to look for the killer in an area where a guy died, and for some reason, I”m not sure of the reason yet, Rock can’t go and do it?”

I sighed again, like I said, glass half empty. “Rock is looking in another place,” I said, trying to justify it.

“Now answer this, why can’t anybody else in this rundown settlement do it?”

“Well, half of the people here are children, some are parents, Tree has to keep order, and the rest have jobs to do.”

He put his head in his hands, “WE JUST GOT HERE YESTERDAY!” he screamed.

Despite myself I was inclined to agree with Light about that, it was kinda ridiculous, seeing how my arm had just gotten healed, but I wasn’t one to argue with a man who could rip my scrawny body in half if he wanted to. I shrugged, “we’re leaving wether you like it or not, so get your pack and let’s go.”

He stood up and sulked to his pack muttering things like, “this is stupid,” and, “I can’t believe this,” in an angry tone.

I slung the lack over my shoulder, “let’s go.”

He sighed very purposefully and sulked on after me into the uncharted expanse of desert.

I looked at them as they exited the settlement, one of them had a determined look on his face, while the other sulked like a little child. They were heading to the west, to the house. Of course though, there wasn’t a house there, not anymore, all they will see is a pile of ashes.

And a path.

A path to the oblivion. A place where, if they knew where they were going, they wouldn’t dare venture. But I knew Light, he would go even if it was certain death. That was his downfall.

Night on the other hand, his downfall was his emotions. He listened to them, more than usual for his kind. If he could learn to shut them out and submit to logic, maybe he would have been able to save them.

Or maybe they would have been discovered.

“And this is what we came to,” I said. Needless to say I was incredibly disappointed, all that walking for just a pile of ashes and a hole. A hole? I looked at Night, but he was too busy investigating the ashes. But you can’t go alone, who knows what’s in there, and besides its just a hole, there probably nothing in it. But even as the thoughts in my mind tried to convince me to stop, my body wouldn’t obey. Night ambled over and saw where I was looking. He stared a long time, that what Night did, he analyzed before acting on a problem. I saw him and I knew he found a conclusion.

He looked at me and said, “well, we didn’t come here to sightsee.” I sighed and looked at the hole again. I had a bad feeling from that hole, a feeling that makes your hair stand on end, and creates bags that crawl all over you. I swallowed and stalked toward the hole. I looked down and plunged into darkness.

It took a while for my eyes to adjust, and when they did, I wish they hadn’t. I saw a skeleton, chained by his wrists and ankles, with a hole where his heart was. I heard Night gasp, I walked towards the skeleton, and so did Night. We both kneeled down next to it, then I noticed there was a ring on his finger, I reached out to touch it, and the. There was cold metal against my throat. I freezed, and I looked at Night. He had a knife against his throat too. Then I saw the person holding the knife.

It was Alex.

Alex was alive.

Stolen World 4

I leaned against a wall coughing up blood into my hand. I looked up and saw a man. Young, but not innocent. His eyes had an unexpected coldness for someone so young. He was dressed in all black. I coughed again into my hand. I felt a pressure push my head up. The man was looking at me. “Make me an army,” he said. It wasn’t a request; it was an order. I looked at my bloody hands. That’s strange. There was a lump of clay in one. “Make me an army,” he repeated. I coughed blood in the lump of clay. I looked at him in confusion. “MAKE ME AN ARMY!” he screamed. I looked at the lump again. If that is what my master wants, I will do it. I worked vigorously at shaping the lump of clay into an animal. I was so close, the final stroke…

I shot up. Sweat rolling down my face, panting. I looked down at my hands, no blood, no animal. I looked around. I wasn’t in the cave, where was I? Then I remembered the robot on the plateau, the rake of the claws on my face. My face, I thought. I reached instinctively up to touch it. The second my fingers brushed the wound it burned. I yelped in pain. I looked around, wondering where I was when a huge man walked in.

He. Was. Ginormous. Towering over me like the sun. His arms bulged and even though I couldn’t see his legs I could tell the were just as big, or even bigger. To say he was a big dude would be an understatement. But despite his size he looked pretty nice. With a nice gleam in his eye, unlike the man in black. He smiled warmly, “at this point you are probably wondering where you are,” he said. He was right as well, I was wondering where I was. “Don’t worry, your safe now. Well as safe as you can be in a zombie apocalypse,” he joked. Then I remembered my friend. I perked up with worry, what if something happened to him? I started to looked around frantically. He seemed to see my worry. “Don’t worry, your friend is fine,” like magic, Night walked in at that exact moment.

“Light!” he yelled. He ran towards me and sat right beside my bed.

“I’ll leave you two alone, you probably have a lot to talk about,” the big man said, and he ambled out of the room.

“Light, I have so much to tell, you!” He exclaimed. “First of all the zombies are actually robots, one of them gashed your face…” I already know this, I thought. “But you probably already know that,” he continued. I wondered not for the first time how he could know what I was thinking so many times. “I jumped off the plateau, and you got pretty injured in the fall, we both did. Then I took us too a cave where Tree found us and then he took us to a settlement , that’s where we are now. They have a doctor here! You know, one of those magical things that heal you, the ones Sarah talked about!” I tried to process all of this information.

“Tree?” I said. “What kind of a name is that?” Night sighed.

“It a nickname, I think that’s what it’s called, everybody in the village has one.” I raised an eyebrow at that one.

“Does that mean we have one?” he asked. He pondered that for a moment and replied.

“I think so, everybody seems to call me Psycho, and everybody calls you Molder,” he answered.

“Psycho? That’s what they came up with?”

He shrugged, “you can’t force a nickname,” he said. Then he perked up with alertness, and his eyes filled with darkness.

“What is it?” I asked. He looked down and then looked at me again.

“I need to tell you about The Killer.”

I smiled but the smile didn’t reach my eyes, it never did. Not anymore. I saw them both walk out of that little stone house. Light looking sick, and Night looking worried. They started talking to that monolith of a man. They didn’t know he, no, the entire village was their enemy. But they won’t stay at that pathetic settlement for long, I would get them soon. They would help me kill him. They would help me ban him from this earth.


Stolen World 3

I ambled through the darkness, unknowing of what was in front of me. I noticed that the pitch black was slowly turning into gray, I started to see a figure in the distance coming closer, and closer, until it was right in front of me. I tried to scream but my mouth wouldn’t open. It was hideous, but familiar somehow. It looked a lot like a phantom. It had a cloak on, but it didn’t cover its body, so I could see that this thing wasn’t even a person, or an animal, it was a shadow. It had no hands, or legs. All I could see were his blood red eyes and his sharp, white teeth under his hood. It lifted up a dark hand. I should have recoiled, I should have been afraid, but I wasn’t. This thing, no matter how scary it was, felt familiar somehow. I lifted up my hand to touch his…

I shot up from my deep sleep. It was pitch dark. I looked over to check on Light. He was bleeding really bad. I silently cursed myself for falling asleep. I suddenly became aware of another presence. I twirled around to see a figure in the cave with us. It was too dark to see if it was a boy or a girl, but it was definitely there. I spoke up.

“Who are you?” I asked. I tried to sound tough but it came out more like a croak. I realized that I haven’t had water for about a day, and I was thirsty. The figure spoke.

“Here,” he said. He gave me a flask of water. I almost drained it. When I stopped drinking he continued. “You’re lucky I was on a scouting mission, or else you would have died out here,” he claimed. “I’m from a settlement in the desert, and that’s where your going.”

I folded my arms, about to say that she couldn’t force me, until my arm shot with pain. I cried out and he said, “This settlement had a doctor, he could heal your arm,” his gaze shifted to Light, “and he could help your friend. My thought quickly shifted to Light and I knew just by looking that he needed help.

I looked at the man and said, “when do we leave?”

He shrugged and replied, “probably in the morning, it’s dangerous at night.” Then he remembered something, “I saw a couple dead robots in front of the cave, was that you?” My first thought was so he knows the zombies are robots, then I thought dead robots? I looked at the figure and answered him.

“No, I didn’t even know the robots were there.” He looked confused for a second. Then he shrugged it off. He would think about it later.

I looked inside the cave. Good, they were still sleeping. I felt a presence behind me. I whipped around and killed the robot, silent as a ghost. I saw two more coming. They fell with blood. I saw the machinery in the head of the robot. If only they had known there was a weakness to the robot. A chink in the armor. I couldn’t let them die, they were my only chance of killing him. My only chance to save the world, and destroy my past forever.

This was my last chance. I cannot let them die. I will not let them die. I gripped the knife harder, as if that would help me grip reality. I heard sand shuffling, not in the way a robot would, but the way a person would. I silently ran off. I found a good hiding spot, and waited. I would not look to see who it was, despite my curiosity. It was probably a scout from that petty village. If he saw me, I would have to kill him, that would be counterproductive. I could tell by the way he walked that it was a man, I could also tell by the almost inaudible clang sound that happened every step that he had a weapon, probably a sword. He went into the cave. My job was already half done.

They would find out about The Killer soon.

Stolen World 2

I stared in blind horror at the robot in front of me. A robot? How? Why? A million questions raced through my mind. I forced myself the calm down and think about the problem at hand. Then I heard the familiar groan of rock against rock as Light came out of the hole. He looked dazed for a second. Then his eyes adjusted and he looked around.

“What happened?” He asked, “I heard a bunch of thuds and scrapes and-” he saw the robot. He stared at it for a long time. His face was blank, I was starting to get worried. Light was never silent, he always spoke his mind, or at least showed it on his face. Then his blank face looked up. But he wasn’t looking at me.

He was looking behind me.

His eyes widened in horror and he said, in a voice that wasn’t far from screaming, “Night, look behind you!” And I did. There they were, more than a thousand robots swarming up the plateau. Then I heard a noise, a whizz and a click. It was coming from behind me. I whipped around to see the robot flail his arm. Right next to Light. I saw it all slowly, like the air had been replaced by a thick liquid. The arm coming up. Light trying to back away. The clawed hands running across his face. Light falling.

Then the sound came back, and everything moved quickly again. Too quickly. I ran over to Light gabbing him and picking him up. The robots were almost here. I had to move. I ran to our hole. The I thought. How will that help you? What are you going to do, wait it out? They may never go away, and you only have food for another day. I recollected something Sarah said when she talked about the things called movies. I remembered her saying the lines of one of the characters.

You can run, but you can’t hide.

I thought about it. If I can’t hide, is running even an option? If I hide there is a certain chance of death, but if I run, I might survive. This all passed through my mind in less than a second. I started running down to the part of the plateau that was the closest from the ground. I looked down. Not to far, I thought, but I was wrong, it was very far. I looked at the zombies behind me, and the jump in front of me. I closed my eyes, breathed in, and jumped.

I fell slowly, I could see everything, the sun, the cacti, the robots, and Light falling next to me. And then I hit the ground. At first I didn’t feel anything, then an explosion of pain came. It was everywhere, my head, my leg, but the most pain came from my right arm. I got up, but every movement made my arm hurt more and more. I screamed in pain and rocked back and forth. I saw Light next to me, he looked fine, but looks can be deceiving. I stumbled to him and flipped him over. I saw his face and started to assess it. Between the red and pink I could see white.

Blood was coming in huge amounts, making a pillow of blood around his head. I looked around. What now? I thought. Then I saw a cave, it wasn’t far away, and it didn’t seem to deep. I looked up and saw robots about to jump off, but it seemed as if an invisible wall was blocking them. I didn’t waste time I picked Light up, but I immediately dropped him. It was too much for my injured arm. I screamed in pain. I would have to drag him there. I picked him up with my left hand. And started walking. It felt like forever, but I finally got there. I got in the cave, and I remembered earlier today, when everything was normal, when everything was fine. I closed my eyes and fell asleep, unknowing of what would come in the morning.