??My Finacial Future Essay??

College, housing, transportation, groceries, pets, maybe even a family- these are just some of the few financial
stresses that you have to think about when you are older. This past week my math teacher assigned me a project where I have to research about my future. I had to see the tuition of college, salaries of jobs, and costs of all other necessary purchases (such as housing and food). Here is all of the information that I have gathered:

First, I want to have a college education, and I am debating between these two schools to (hopefully) attend: University of Texas in Austin or Cornell University in New York. The difference between them- about $45,000! I am leaning towards UT because it is cheaper, and is a very good school for business. It is not as good a school for veterinarians as Cornell, but it’s pretty close! If I do get into UT, the total cost of everything (tuition, room, books, other) for 4 years equals about $158,000. Hopefully I will be able to get a scholarship because college is so expensive! I honestly didn’t think college is so costly. I always knew it was quite expensive, but I never though it was that much!

When I grow up I want to get a job as a veterinarian. Veterinarians can get a salary between $50,480-$141,680/year or $4,206.66-$11,806.66/ month. Probably when I start off my first job won’t have the highest salary, but that’s ok because it just means that I will have to budget my spendings more wisely. I would love what I do everyday and that’s all that matters (all the adorable animals *happy sigh*). Yay adulthood?!

After I graduate college and get a job I want to move to a fully furnished apartment in Dr. Palm Harbor Florida. I will want to have a roommate to ease up the rent cost. With a roommate it will be $575/month or $6,900/year(my apartment rent includes all the utility bills). For transportation I will take my sweet 16 car (My older brother’s car) a Mazda. The 2014 Mazda 3 MPG will cost me about $945/year for gas. I also want to get a bicycle for $300, so I can save money and bike to places that our close to my apartment. Housing and Transportation are quite expensive, but luckily not as costly as college (still can’t believe it is so much money)! I am actually pretty excited thinking about the idea of living on my own. I can’t wait!

I have always wanted to adopt a dog, so when I’m older of course I’m going to get one! It costs about $30,000 to take care of a small breed dog for 10 years. This actually doesn’t really surprise me since $30,000 includes all the veterinarian bills, haircuts (my dog’s haircut costs $80!), food, and care for when I go out of town.

The bills that I would have to pay/ month would be my apartment rent ($575), groceries of about $400 (I want all that organic delicious food), extra shopping (for fun) about $100, and that all together is $1,075.Which out of a (I’m thinking) $6,000 paycheck leaves me with $4,925 to put away for savings or a trip to the Maldives or something. I never realized how expensive in general life is. My parents are (so far) really good and responsible with their finances. We have savings for an emergency. For instance, when my family this past January had to make an emergency trip to India for my sick Grandma, Dad didn’t even think about spending $4000 on plane tickets! When I grow up I want to have the same financial mindset as they do. I have to make sure to put my needs before my wants, and not spend all my money on shoes!

After all the information I researched I have gathered 3 valid conclusions:
1. Life is so expensive!
2. I am not looking forward to adulthood.
3. I am feeling a little bit better about the future that lies ahead of me (if it goes according to my plans).

If you spend your money responsibly then you will probably have a nice life. There will be no debts, sleepless nights worrying about bills, or mad bank consultants yelling at you. When I’m older I am definitely going to budget my spending. If I do, I’m hoping I will be set for a wonderful life ahead!

?Phantom of the Opera?

On Thursday I got to go watch the Broadway production of Phantom of the Opera.

It was so amazingly breathtaking! I loved every minute of it: from the beginning scene of the auction and the chandelier rising with the famous title song to the ending where the Phantom disappears.

The sets were fabulous! They were filled with the tiniest most intricate details, and they really made the story come to life. The sound effects also helped make the play more exciting. There was real fire, and before intermission  the chandelier broke and plummeted to the ground. It sounded like a million bulletshots were fire. The orchestra played beautifully and sent chills down my spine. The music is so catchy that the songs were still running in my head when I went to bed….. “Think of me…..”

The actors were stupendous! Their voices were beautiful. My favorite voice was the Phantom’s. He sang very powerfully, and he made it look so effortless (well actually all the singers made it seem like that). Christine’s voice was innocent and very sweet, the actress played the character well. Same for Raoul, he made his love for Christine so realistic. When all the actors came to take a bow in the end everyone gave them a standing ovation with a thunderous applause.

One of the many reasons why I love and am astonished at Broadway performers is that not only do they have to sing well, but they also have to act with lots of facial expressions and emotion. I don’t know how they do it!

All in all I had an awesome experience at Phantom of the Opera. If it ever comes to town again I would definitely go see it another time!

??Meeting iiSuperwomanii ??

This past Monday I met iisuperwomanii the YouTube star who is famous for her funny, relatable videos online. Her actual name is Lilly Singh. She just released a book, and  is going on a tour: Austin is one of her many stops. So of course my friend and I had to go see her!

She was having a meet and greet book signing at BookPeople in downtown on Lamar. When my friend and I arrived there there was a line of 200 people, and as time went on more people lined up behind us until there were over 300 people, and the line swerved around the block! My mom brought us some Starbucks to keep us hydrated. It was so refreshing!

Once we were let inside we still had to wait for some more time. There were so many people that we twisted around the whole bookstore like a double helix. My friend and I were excited, but not as nearly excited as the girls behind us. Every time we took a step closer to seeing Lilly Singh they stared screaming hysterically.

It was so annoying, but when I came close enough to see her even I started screaming! I got to hug and talk to her. She asked me what my name was and was super sweet! Her hair was also so soft! It was as though I was touching silk. I was just star struck! I couldn’t stop smiling after she hugged me! All in all, I loved visiting iiSuperwomanii, it was an amazing experience. If she visits Austin another time I will for sure see her again!

?Being Great?

  “You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.”

I think this quote means that in order to start for example, your own company, you don’t have to be a famous person already. You can even be a kid! A lot of famous people today didn’t become famous overnight. For instance, Steve Jobs didn’t invent the multi billion dollar company Apple in just one week. He actually started in his Parent’s garage. You don’t have to be great to start! Although because Steve Jobs took a chance with his idea, he is now one of the greatest engineers ever. He revolutionized the world of technology with Apple. So, I think that in order to start something you don’t have to be famous or great, but in order to become someone great you do need to start, whether it’s with an idea or a gesture, just start.

Just starting something is simple, but it is the persistence that you put into it that is hard. A lot of people have great ideas, but a lot of people didn’t have enough determination to see those ideas through. Many people believe in the misconception of how quitting things will make your life easier and more simple. It is very rare that someone will keep pushing their ideas. Dealing with the rejection, hate comments, and rudeness. It is all just so tiring, who would want to go through all those horrible things?

The key thing though is to never give up. Even if others try to tear you down, you have to keep trying. Because in the end you will see results, you will succeed. At times you might think to just throw in the towel, think “Oh forget it this is just a waste of time.” No,keep going. Most of the time you will have to step outside your comfort zone to see results.

For example, my older brother created this super cool dog adoption website called Koko wants a Home, and he wanted to donate it to the Austin Animal Shelter. He has contacted numerous number of people, from the receptionist to the marketing director, but either they have never gotten back to hi, or they just rudely blew him off. My brother didn’t give up though he still is working on it.

Nobody started out at something being perfect. No famous people that we know today reached their success just by watching tv and eating potato chips. Everyone had to work to get to where they are today. “You don’t need to be great to start, but you need to start to be great.” Yes, it can start with even just a simple thing such as thinking of an idea about something from your everyday life. If you really believe in it just start, who knows where that idea will take you.


I love Starbucks ! Starbucks has the most delicious drinks on Earth. I know a lot of people think it is overrated, but how can you think that?! 

First of all, Starbucks’ atmosphere is amazing. It has a cool retro lounge cafe feel. It is quiet and calm. Sometimes when I want a change of scene (or I really don’t want to do my HW) I go there to study. Just sipping a calming tea while doing my HW makes me feel so much better. Plus as soon as you walk in you are greeted with the wonderful aromas of coffee beans, fresh pastries, and pure deliciousness. After smelling that who wouldn’t want to stop, sit down, and chill?

Secondly, there is only one word that can describe Starbucks drinks: DELICOUS. Whether you want a nice soothing tea to calm down, or a hot cafe late to start you up, it doesn’t matter Starbucks has it all! My personal favorite is the Strawberry Acai Refresher: the sweet strawberry pink liquid accented with passion fruit and acai, mixed with freshly sliced strawberries, and stirred together with cooling ice cubes—*sip*— *soothing sigh* so refreshing! 

Finally, aside from Starbucks amazing atmosphere and delicious drinks/food I love the service. Every time I go there I am always greeted with a a smile and a nice “What can I get for you today?” The staff at Starbucks makes you feel welcome, and what’s not to like about that? 

All in all Starbucks is a fabulous place for many reasons. If you have not gone to Starbucks I highly recommend visiting. (Yes I know Starbucks isnt like the Eiffel Tower, a must see, but to me it kind of is.?) I hope when you visit you will enjoy it as much as I did(still do!).




??Election Issues??

Hey guys! This is my expository essay on this past year’s election. Hope ya’ll like it! ?

                                        Election Issues

   I think there were many issues in this past year’s election. One of them was that it was less political, more personal, and very age inappropriate. Even if you were interested in politics, this was one election you couldn’t learn anything from. There was vulgar language, rude comments, and abusive behavior. Have you heard of any other election in history trading as many insults and using such disrespectful language between candidates as this one?

 Speaking of disrespect, the second issue I’d like to address is how disrespectful this election was to women. As a girl myself I find it very disgraceful and I am certainly not the only one. In fact after Trump took office on Friday hundreds of thousands of women flooded the streets of Washington DC to protest. This caused such an uproar that there weren’t just protests in the U.S, they happened all over the world, all the way from Paris FR to Cape Town ZA!

 My third issue is that America is a land of immigrants but this election proved otherwise. What made America special was that people of different color, race, religion, and language coexisted peacefully. But now there is an underlined prejudice that has come to the surface. I am an American citizen born in New Hampshire. Even though my parents originate from India my brother and I always felt like we were Americans. I never felt like I didn’t belong, but for the first time this year on my birthday I had a terrible experience. My mom and I were stopped at a stoplight. As I looked out my window I saw two boys making unfriendly faces and signs at me. I have never been treated differently for the color of my skin. I can’t believe we are dealing with issues such as race and color of the skin in the 21st century that we got rid of in the 1960s. As Martin Luther King Jr. dreamt, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Unfortunately that did not come true.

  My final issue is that in this election the focus was not on problems that impact the entire world such as climate change. Instead it focused more on petty irrelevant issues like race, religion, and color. One of the candidates even claimed that global warming was a “hoax.”
 In conclusion, I am a child who represents the future, a future that solves problems such as cancer, global warming, and treating each other with respect. This election to me was filled with many issues, and for America is a set back rather then a step forward.


  In the year of 2016 my family and I did a lot of traveling. We went to Hawaii, Los Angeles, India, and San Francisco. This past week I have been thinking of one particular place in Los Angeles……. Disneyland!

  A place filled with magic, dreams, and smiling faces. I loved Disneyland! I loved all the characters, all the lights and decorations, all the fun and memories of my childhood.  The atmosphere of Disneyland can make even a grandparent feel like a 5 year old kid again. It’s just the magic of Disney!

 One of my favorite sights  was the famous castle. The large, beautiful structure, pictured just like how it is in the movies, surrounded by trees sprouting with beautiful pink blossoms, and before it the famous statue of Walt Disney himself, all this spotted right when you walk in. It was breathtaking!  Also one of my favorite rides was Splash Moutain. I loved the 50 foot drop at the end into the water. SPLASH!! I was at the very front of the boat so I got soaked! AWESOME! 

  The very last thing we saw at Disneyland was the parade in  the nighttime. They’re was just one word that could describe it: MAGICAL!! Under the pitch black sky the parade floats glowed bright like neon colored diamonds. Disney gave me lots of memories that I know will “glow” in my mind forever.

                     ❤️  How I love Disneyland! ❤️








??✈️Emergency India Trip✈️??

This past week and a half I got to miss school! It wasn’t a fun trip though. I went to visit my grandparents. On Sunday night, January 9, we heard news that my grandma was very ill. As soon as we heard the news my parents booked the next flight out.

We drove to Houston, then flew to Dubai, and finally reached our destination of Hyderabad(where my grandparents live). The one thing I never like about traveling to India is the 14 hour flight! It is so long and completely exhausting!

I love going to India. Life is very exciting and full of surprises there! I even saw kids riding a camel as if they were riding a bike, completely normal! My grandmother is doing better now. We got to spend lots of time with her and my family, eat lots of yummy food, and see new things.

I sure miss my family and time in India, but I’m glad to be back home(except for all the work I have to make up)! ?


Aloha (hello in hawaiian) everyone!

  This week I am posting my poem called; Paradise. This poem is about my favorite place on Earth: Hawaii. When I visit there all my troubles just melt away, and I hope that when you read my poem it’ll do the same to you , for at least sometime. ?



  The crystal blue waves crashing against the sand,
Oh what a beautiful land
The golden sun shining down
On the soft beach you cannot see a single frown

   The sky is a clear blue
All the nature so pure, so true
The sand as soft as silk
Some have sweet shaved ice with sticky condensed milk

   Some people parasailing in the air,
I see a girl with a Hibiscus in her hair,
Sun is setting, time to go
Oh how I will miss you so,

   It was so pretty,
Very different from the big, bad, busy city
Blue ocean waters stretched out as far as the eye can see
This is what a happy life is to me,

  Oh will someone please take me back to Hawaii?



?San Francisco?

Hey everyone!

For Thanksgiving Break I visited my uncle,aunt, and cousin in San Francisco,CA. It was a lot of fun!

We left Austin on Tuesday, November 22 in the afternoon, and reached San Francisco in their evening(they’re 2 hours behind us). It was really nice seeing all my family. I hadn’t seen them in 4 years. We had the usual “Oh my gosh your so tall!” , ” You look so grown up!” greetings.  ?

Anyway, on the first day  we went to San Francisco (I know you are probably confused, my family lives in a town called Redwood Shores, just a 30 min drive from San Francisco). It was so cool! I visited where my aunt works; Dolby( very hi-tech and cool), and saw the head quarters of Twitter.  I got to ride on this bright yellow trolley that took us to Fisherman’s Wharf.

We had lunch at an awesome restaurant. We ate fresh seafood caught from the harbor. Delicious! Then we burned off our calories by doing a loooong walk to Chinatown. It is HUGE! It’s actually one of the oldest, and biggest in the United States. I got an adorable alpaca stuffed animal from one of the cute stores. Yay!

On Thanksgiving a few more of my relatives came to see us. We didn’t have a turkey, but we did have lots of yummy indian food. It was a day filled with laughing and lots of memories.

The rest of our trip we relaxed and enjoyed the nature around us. We went on two 4mile bike rides/runs. It was so refreshing! The area where my uncle,aunt, and cousin live is so pretty! The air was cold and crisp, the nature was breathtaking, the smell of the cool,blue bay breeze was exhilirating.

All in all, I had a very nice Thanksgiving break filled with lots of unforgettable memories. ?