First Post

This weekend I had a soccer game in San Antonio. We tied 1-1 but I wanted to let everyone know I like soccer and that’s basically what I did this weekend, very entertaing! Hope you liked my first post!

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ISR Assignment

The book I am currently reading is One For the Murphy’s. It is a fictional book about a girl put into foster care named Carley. Carley’s stepfather beats her and her mother, which lands them in the hospital. Carley is taken away from her mother and put in foster care. While her mother recover, she is put in a safe and loving home, which she is not used to. With a loving mother, father, and three boys. She is given home cooked meals and warm clothes on her back everyday. To Carley this is very odd. She is used to being mistreated, interrupted and barely getting more than a glance from her mother. Carley goes through a lot to feel safe in her new home. Many bonds are formed and friendships are in the making for Carley Connors. Reading this book you look back at your life and realize the problems you face are nothing compared to Carley Conners.