Six flags

Last week I went to Six Flags for a band concert.  I was really excited to go. When I first got to six flags I saw so many big roller coasters there and I thought I wasn’t going on any of them. The first ride I went on was the roadrunner which was the first […]

Financial Future

  I am growing and that means that I have to start thinking about my future. So I have to think about my college, career, home, bills stuff like that. I want to go to UT Austin and become a heart surgeon. To become a heart surgeon to do that I have to complete four […]


It was a breezy summer day. I was on my vacation in Hawaii. When I woke up from the soft bed in the hotel room my dad said,It’s time to go SURFING!!!!’. I was so excited. I could not wait to go to the beach. My dad got lessons for me and he rented my […]

Spring Break

I’m really excited for spring break. No homework and no school it’s going to be great. I am really looking forward for spring break because I won’t have to go to school for a weak and I’ll have no homework over the break. I won’t be going on a trip anywhere, but I will still […]

SuperBowl 51

Last Sunday it was Super Bowl 51. It was the Atlanta falcons against the New England patriots this year. I had no clue what was going to happen. In the first quarter of the game none of the teams scored any points. Both were really good on defense. In the second quarter the falcons made […]

WestRidge vs LakeTravis

Yesterday we played against LakeTravis Middle School. I had no clue what would happen when we played against them. It was unpredictable. In the first quarter we didn’t start off so well they won the tip. They also got the first points of the game and they got a decent lead on us. The second […]

Basketball Tryouts

Monday and Tuesday I had basketball tryouts. The coach said there were 76 people trying out so there was alot of competition. In basketball tryouts there were 4 things we were doing to tryout. The first thing was dribbling down the court and back while weaving through people in the least amount of time. The […]