Financial Project

In math last week, we had to do lots of research about colleges, houses and expenses. We then had to write a long esssy about our future and what we want to be. Here is my essay:

When I get out of college I want to be rich, with a fancy car, a huge house and have no worries; sadly, that is very unrealistic, I will probably be in a lot of debt from all my student loans, so I won’t be able to buy a car or a nice huge fancy house.

When I get out of high school I want to go to Penn State or UNC. I know they aren’t easy schools to get into but I want to be well-educated and also play on a Divison 1 college basketball team, which means I would need a basketball scholarship. After college I will be in debt from all my loans considering to become an orthodontist it takes on average 50,000/year for 10 years. I learned that I need to work very hard and I can’t drop out, flunk any classes because college is very expensive and I can’t waste a dime. I always knew college was very expensive but I never knew the colleges I wanted to go to were so expensive!! To go to college, my financial future will take a large toll if I don’ t pay off my loans as quickly as possible.

After college I will already have a car because I get my mom’s old car and I get to keep it. I would need to to pay for gas, which can get expensive if i’m not careful. I would try not to drive to many places and get rides if I can. Once I get out of college I want to live in a cheap apartment so it’s easier to pay off my debt. I learned I need to be very careful about where I go because it could impact my financial future. I feel like everything I buy could effect my debt and credit score.

I won’t need to take out as much money as some kids because my parents have a decent amount of money saved for college, but becoming an orthodontist takes 500,000 minimum, so I will still need a loan. I learned I don’t have a choice but to use my parents money, and also take out a loan. I feel like college is going to be the most stressful time of my life because taking out a loan takes a lot of time to pay back and college takes a long time. Also, taking out loans can really hurt my financial future if I don’t pay it back quickly because it’ll keep adding up.

After college I want to come back to Austin and live in an apartment with my dogs. I will probably spend about $400 on groceries a week, considering dog food and my food because chocolate labs eat a lot!!! Every month I would be spending $400 on groceries, $500 on vet bills, $200 on phone bills, and rent (utility bills included) $200. Total I would be spending 1,300; but my paycheck is about 6,000. With all that extra money I will use it for my savings, emergencies and my loan debt.

Overall I know going to a good college, especially the ones I want to go to, take a lot of hard work and a good amount of money. I now know that I will need to save a lot of money and I can’t waste it on anything I don’t need. Going to college could have a huge impact on my financial future if I don’t watch out on everything I spend my money on.

13 Reasons Why

Not too long ago I finished an amazing Netflix series called 13 Reasons Why. The show was about a girl who moves to a new school and commits suicide and leaves 13 tapes about why she did what she did. The tapes are about the awful things that happened to her and the people who did them. The tapes are then passed around to the people who were mentioned in the tapes. I’m not going to spoil anything but I really recommend the show.

I feel like the show was very well executed and show the real things that happen in high school. They show the mental and physical impact that a tiny action can do to someone. In movies you see kids who’s lives are perfect but that is only in the movies. They represent real issues that even occur at Westlake. I feel like the show was a reality check for lots of kids who think high school is going to be great, because in reality it could drive you to kill yourself. So think before you act.


In just 35 days the best 2 months of a students life begins. Summer is the best time to go places, visit family or just relax. I am super excited for the summer because I am going so many places.

This summer I am going to Seaside, Florida for a week with my dad and my sister. Once I get back from Seaside I am going to a 5-day-overnight UT basketball camp, which have been going to for 5 years now and I love it. After my camp I am going to Virginia to see my cousins with my mom and sister. I am super excited for summer to finally roll around, and I hope it doesn’t go by too fast.


I am so excited for spring break because no school and just a week of pure relaxation. With the sun shining I could do really anything I wanted.

I am so excited for spring break because no school!! I am so tired of stupid tests, quizzes, LC’s and just school in general. Doesn’t the sound of sitting in classrooms for 8 hours sound somewhat boring. School is like pure torture, you can be one your phone whatsoever, you can’t talk to anyone unless you are at lunch for the shortest 30 mintues of your life, and worst of all there is more work afterwards. Spring break is always coming in clutch, saving us from the torture we are put through 5 DAYS A WEEK!!!!

I am also super excited because I might be going to Seaside, Florida for the break. I am so excited because I can just chill at the beach with no worries. I can wake up at 12 if I wanted and go to bed at 3. We will drive there with my dog and stay there for about 4 days, then drive back home. Just imagine going to the beach everyday for 8 hours, it’s just like school, but WAYY better.

I am really excited for the break but is a week really enough? I mean after that back to school… but I would rather have a week than nothing.

Goodbye Basketball

As you may know from previous posts, I was on the baskeball team for WRMS. Last week was our last game and probably one of our saddest.

We had an okay season with a few wins during tournaments, and regular games, we had beaten HCMS, twice! Our season ended on a sad note beacause one of our post players got sick; which meant I had to play post, and I am not too good at that. We also didn’t have another post player because she was out getting surgery on her knee, and one of our guard was out because of an ankle injury. Considering we had those many people out, we did an amazing job!

Last Thursday, we played Dripping Springs, and lost to a disappointing 36-34. We were leading during the half, and then, out of nowhere Dripping Springs brings out their best people- and who knows where they came from- and get a 5-0 run. Now, they were in the lead and we were right behind them, taking the lead again, then being tied, then trailing by a few. It was maybe one of the most stressful games I have played in a while!

Even thought we didn’t end our season on a win, my coach was super proud of the effort, and overall the time and energy. I am going to miss early practices ( haha no I’m kidding), my teammates and most of all my amazing coach. But then again, there is always next year!!

Why Homework Is Pointless

We go home everyday from school and instead of going out and doing things we have to do more things that involve school; such as projects, studying, essays, packets or just plain old worksheets. Here are some reasons why homework is pointless.

One reason is that we don’t enough time for ourselves. We have to come home as soon as our after school activities are over and get straight to school work. We don’t have time for eating dinner with our families or even time to just straight up relax. The worst part is, is that when we do homework teachers don’t even check it the next day, so the work we spent hours on has no value.

Another reason is that I don’t even get enough sleep. I have to come home eat dinner, take a shower, do homework, study and then go to bed on time! How am I supposed to even function the next day with just 6 hours of sleep? In my opinion sleep is an important factor if I want to do well in school, and that doesn’t happen when I don’t have time for almost anything anymore.

The worst part is when teachers decide to have 5 tests and quizzes on one day. Which means that I need to find time to study and do the homework for all 5 of those classes. In the end does homework even have an benefits, yes, I know we need the practice but do we really need this much practice? We had wayyy less homework than ever in elementary school, and my grades were way better then, than they are now. All in all does homework have a real purpose?

Why I Love My Dog

I love my dog beacause he is so relatable. He eats like an elephant and sleeps like a sloth and he is just always seeking attention.

My dog is a chiweenie, and his breed tend to have floppy ears, the legendary puppy dog face and super short legs so the previous owner decided to name him Shorty.
When he was 5 (which is almost a year) he was given to us by a family friend because she was in college and wasn’t able to take good care of him.

When we got him he was about 16 pounds and was really sick. He wouldn’t move of do anything, and was also really homesick. We tried as hard as we could to make him feel better but he wouldn’t eat or anything, so he dropped a pound. Which is good, I guess. Later we found out he wouldn’t move much because he couldn’t carry his own weight because he was too fat, so we put him on a strict diet.

Now he is 13 pounds and doing great, he still is super lazy but his cute little floppy ears make up for the neck rolls.


This weekend A and B team had a tourney all the way in Georgetown!! A team got 4th place out of 8 teams, and B team got 2nd place out of 8 teams!!

We had our first game after school on Friday and we crushed that team 36-4! We were so happy because if we hadn’t won that game we would’ve had to have a game at 7 in the morning…

On Saturday we had 2 games which were like 4 hours apart, so we were just waiting in a corner and watching all the games. We lost our first game pretty bad which meant we didn’t get a spot to play in the championship:( . Since we lost that game that meant that we had to play for 3rd or 4th place which kinda sucks.

We played Hudson Bend for 3rd and 4th place, and last time we played them we lost by 40-ish points. This time when we played them we lost by 12 points which is a pretty big improvement!! Sadly, at one of the last seconds of the game my teammate fell and broke her ankle, and she had just gotten out of her boot:(

This week again we play Hudson Bend on Thursday and it’s an away game. I really hope we beat them for revenge!!

The Adele Concert

Last weekend on Saturday, I went to the Adele concert at the Frank Erwin Center.

I was super excited because me and my sister got the tickets for Christmas and we have been waiting for what felt like 10 years. I was super excited because she is really funny and is a super super good artist.

She sang about 5 songs. Between each song she would just interact with the crowd. At on point, she even called a girl up on stage because it was her birthday. They got a selfie together and Adele personally sang the Happy Birthday Song to her. I was so jealous.

During on of her songs she messed up the lyrics and started laughing and started over. Overall she is an amazing singer, artist, and she is super funny too


Halloween is in 4 days and I’m super excited…

With Halloween in just 4 days people are decorating their houses with lights, skeletons up in the trees, fake blood everywhere and even spider webs. This year I’m dressing up as an M&M for Halloween with all my friends and we are all being different colors.

This year Halloween is on a Monday, which sucks! But just because Halloween is on a Monday wont stop us. We are going right after school to meet up and get ready together and then we are going to trick-or-treat until we pass out from all the candy.

I hope I get even more candy than last year and I hope it’s even more fun. I’m praying that there won’t be any clowns!

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