I promised i would do a mountain post so here it is. The mountains are fun but they can get boring. I rate Colorado a 6 out of 10. Views are awesome, towns are amazing. If your gonna go to Colorado drive there. The drive is litterly the best. It takes u threw some places that… Read more Colorado


If u can’t tell I love the city I might write about the mountains once. Charelston has it all. U can visit the swamps, rivers, oceans, and the city. I really recommend coming here. My favorite thing to do there was go to the market which is a long line of shops and place to… Read more Charelston


Seattle the so called rainy places that no one likes to go to. Seattle is a very populated and fun place to go. Seattle offers lot of food options and things to do. There is 2 ways u take on Seattle. The basic ones. U go to touristy way with doing all the museums and… Read more Seattle