An Open Letter To Chilis

An open letter to Chili’s

Dear Chili’s,
I know you have good food. I know you were a good place to eat. But lately I’m just not feeling it.

I used to go to you all the time. Me and my family loved you. You had great healthy food, a cool interactive menu, and a fun climate. I used to love the days when I could offer your name and have my family all agree. I loved your tasty sides, delicious entrees, a different flavor lemonade. I craved the days I was there. And then you changed.

First your service were hit. You never had enough waiters and cooks and the ones you had were slow. You would have to wait 20 minutes to have a waiter ask for your drinks and bring out your chips. The food took an hour to come out. Then your food started to go bad. Chips came out soggy, burger patty’s burnt, and fries mushy. I wish the old you was back.

But you can change.

Spend your budget on better staff instead of remodeling again. Buy better quality food. No one wants to eat soggy chips. You might have to close down a location but in the big picture that’s not so bad.

I miss you Chilis.I need you back. You can do it I believe in you.


This Easter break I celebrated Easter at my ranch. My ranch is in the middle of nowhere in Goldthwaite Texas. I Woke up early Saturday morning and drove their. When I arrived my 3 cousins and grandparents were already their.

the first thing we did was play a giant game of whiffle ball. The teams were me and the 2 6yr olds vs the 3 8-9yr olds. My valiant efforts were not enough to secure the dub unfourtanetly. After we did that we hopped in our Polaris and drove to the big pond in the middle of the ranch. At the pond there is a big dock which is where you fish or you go out on the Johnboat to fish. The pond is stocked with a ton of fish. There’s  5 pound bass, sunfish, perch bigger than my head, and if your lucky catfish that get as big as my little brother. We fished for ages, pulling up fish after fish after fish. My little brother chose the ” pull up unlimited supply of little perch that seem like they want to be caught.” The only time he didn’t have a fish was because he forgot to bait his hook. I chose the riskier option going for the catfish. Sadly I did not pull one up.

The next day on Easter we had a giant Easter egg hunt. I found some eggs but mainly let the little kids find them. After that we had to go home and go to school.


This Thursday I competed in the district track meet at Dripping Springs High School. There were teams there from Lake Travis, Hill Country, Hudson Bend,  Westridge, and Dripping.

Leading up from the first week of track where there were 100 people competing. Than as the season progressed they cut people till this week where only the best 3 people in each event were left. Then after the best 3 the people that earned a spot in the finals competed. That narrowed it down to about 20 7th graders and I was one of them. The one and only event I do is triple jump. It’s the event where you have to make it into the pit from far away with 3 consecutive jumps. I survived all the cuts and went to district.

We arrived at Dripping and warmed up. Then after warming up, me and the other 2 triple jumpers went to go get our marks( the place to begin our running start) After we were all set to go the person running triple jump started it. I was jumping 4th out of 15. We each got 3 attempts and they only take your best jump. I am not a good triple jumper and didn’t qualify but at least I tried. But the good thing about only having the first event is you can go home early.


March Madness

We are approaching a time of shocking upsets , broken hearts, and of course … Lots and lots of basketball. It’s March Madness time!

I love March Madness. For those who don’t know what this is it’s a giant basketball tournement to decide the national college basketball title.  One of the reasons I like March Madness is because of the brackets.  A bracket has all 64 teams and who they play first. You fill out the bracket before the games start, on your predictions of who will win the whole tournement. My family and I all fill out brackets and whoever predicts the most games right wins. But it’s not as easy as you think.

Which brings to my second reason of why I like March Madness(MM). My next reason will explain why they call it MM. For some reason that no one can explain, all of your rankings, your skills all go poof. 16 seeds upset 1 seeds, teams like Kentucky lose to Applation State, and South Dakota wins the championship. No matter what you choose there will always be that one bracket buster. Every year they offer an about 2 million or more dollars if you correctly guess all the games. To my knowledge it’s never been done. EVER

Every year it’s always a fun time to beat my family at something. I hope I’ll pick right and earn that W.(Im not too worried. Last year my brother picked a number 8 seeded Butler to win the championship because it had the word “butt” in it.)


This week track practice starts at Westridge. I guess I’m excited because there are lots of events. There are two types of events: Track or Field.
Triple Jump: this is a variation of long jump which you do a complicated hopping routine before leaping.
Long Jump: this is just a straight forward leap into the sandbox
High Jump: you jump up over a string onto a pad and land on your back.
Discus: you throw a big metal or rubber disk as far as you can like a frisbee.
Shot Put: you grab a super heavy weighted ball and push(not throw) it as far as you can.
 you sprint 100 meters
you sprint 200 meters.
400m: you run 400 meters. I hate this event with every fiber in my body.
800m: you run 800 meters which is 2 laps
1600m: you run a whole mile. It’s a long run and tiring
2400m:you run 2400 meters. It’s 1 and a half miles and is not a fast event.
100m Hurdles: you run 100 meters while jumping over hurdles
300m Hurdles: you run 300 meters while hurdling.(is hurdling even a word?)

I’m doing the triple jump and the 200m. In the first meet you run in any event you want, but in all the others the take the top 3.

My Life’s Blueprint

What am I going to do with my life? I think I have some idea

In the next few years I’ll be in high school. I’m not sure what classes I’m going to take but probably something with history or science. I will try to play sports and hopefully make the basketball and football teams.

Next is college I’ll have decided between history and science and go to the University of Texas. I will play football as an all star defensive end.

Then when I’m an adult I’ll have it all set. I’ll create a supercool invention and strike it rich. I’ll buy my own island and infest it with chinchillas. Then I’ll use all my invention money to buy my chinchilla army food and little jackets. Then I’ll put them inside a giant hamster ball and use chinchilla power to power my Lambo.

As an old man I’ll spoil my grandkids. I will probably tell my grandkids lies about my life like I beat up a ninja with a vacuum and I had a pet platypus named Fitzgerald. That’s what my life’s going to be like.( caution: this story contains elements may not be true. We are not responsible for people who believe this)

Homework, Homework, and Homework

This week I have sooooooooo much homework. I was gone all last week in Florida and as soon as I got back to my first period I felt like that rebel frog guy in Star Wars, “It’s a trap.”

To start my homework Armageden was science class. I got a packet the size of my thumb. You’re probably thinking “oh that’s not that bad” but it is when you missed a quiz and there’s a big test on Wednesday on the unit you missed. When the bell rang I walked to my inevitable doom of the rest of the day and most recent, social studies. In social studies I didn’t have much just a few worksheets that weren’t to hard, but just as you thought was good…BAM there’s a test today. I took the test,got a 90 which is good considering I missed the WHOLE UNIT. I then walked to my least favorite class,math. In math I didn’t actually miss much which was good,only a few worksheets and a MAJOR TEST. I have to have the worst luck ever. Then I walked to the eye of the hurricane of homework. Lunch

After lunch was over I went to band. In band I only missed a quiz which was a nice break for me. Then after band came the death of my afternoon. The one,the only, Spanish Class. I missed a major test, 2 culture sheets, and a whole lotta vocab.On top of that I have a quiz on Wednesday that I HAVE TO TAKE. Are you kidding me? I have two days to learn a 47 word vocab sheet. I’m probably going to fail. Then to top it all off I have my next class. English is my final class of the day. I had to do a MLK mini project, 2 blog posts(this included) hand 2 vocab packets/quizzes. I also had THIS weeks homework on top of that.      (For more fun read it like I’m ranting)

CFB National Championship

As you all probably know Monday night was the CFB(college football) national championship rematch between the number 2 ranked Clemson Tigers and the unbeaten powerhouse, the Patriots of CFB, Alabama Crimson Tide.

As you can probably guess the Tide were the favorites of this game with a defense that hadn’t allowed a single touchdown in the ENTIRE month of November. They have 8 first round picks in only the defense including #3o overall Jonathan Allen. The Tide had destroyed Washington in the semis with the help of young star RB Bo Scarborough and stud WR Calvin Ridley to continue their  26 game winning streak.  Unfortunately the Tide also have a true freshman QB who wasn’t used to the big stage and a brand new offensive coordinator. He had to get into a new groove with the QB and it’s a LOT of pressure.

Clemson the 7 point underdog led by the person I thought should’ve won the Heisman, Deshawn Watson, and star RB Wayne Gallman. They also have a great WR in Mike Williams. Clemson destroyed Ohio State on the way to Bama. I felt like Clemson matches up with Bama better because the have a good defense and GREAT offense who can score on Bamas big defense.  And Bama has a good offense but INSANE defense.

During the course of the game Clemson stalled on offense and Bama was running hot. By the time it was halftime it was 14-0 Tide. Immediately after halftime Tide kicked a field goal. Then suddenly the TIDE turned.(hahahah)Cl mson suddenly made the game 14-17 by the end of the 3rd quarter.  Going into the 4th quarter the lead went back and forth until with 2:18 seconds on the clock Bama got a fumble recovery which led to a Bama touchdown. Then Clemson drove down until with 4 seconds left……….. THEY SCORED?. Then they recovered an onside kick for the win. It really happened.

Bama Lost.???? Continue reading

The Basketball Tourney

this week I played in a basketball tournament. It was at San Marcos High School and our first game was at 7:30 and we ha to be there at 7:10 to warm up. I don’t know about you but I live 1 whole hour away from San Marcos so I had to wake up at 5:45 in the morning. I will only say that I almost fell asleep in my cereal cartoon style.

As soon as we got there the other team (Dahlstrom Middle) came in with all the matching sweatpants and stuff. We were all like uh oh we’re going to lose. After we warmed up the game started. I scored 8 points in the first minute. About halfway through the game we were winning 28-8. We went on  to win that game 42-14. After that game we went to eat breakfast.

The next to games were a piece of cake. I felt bad for the 2nd team we played. We beat them 46-0. They were pretty bad. The next team we played had 3 players that were 5ft tall and 200lbs. We won that game 47-13 and one of the kids I mentioned earlier committed a flagrant foul by tackling James and then he sat on them.

If you couldn’t tell we won that tourney but our record in the season is 1-2 sadly.

Class poem




As I bounce the ball on the ground,
And listen to that hollow thump
When I dribble down the court, with my eyes alert.
Drop a dime, or pop a three
Jump up high, way up in the sky
Grab that rebound, like the old round mound himself
I think about when I was younger
With all my posters on the wall,
the bigger than life stars of yesterday,
Johnson, Bird, and Jordan,
That’s what I dreamt about at night.
The hard work I put in, breathing raggedly like Vader
The pain, the sweat, the exhaustion.
I had to want it, to feel it, to CRAVE it.
That’s what it took to be here on this day
That’s what it took,to be the star of today.


authors note

I was inspired to write this poem because it’s the start of basketball season and I was thinking about what it be like to be Michael Jordan. I really liked the images and hope you do too.