I just finished my book called Heat by Mike Lupica. It was a very good book about a 12 year boy who is trying to pitch his team to Williamsport Pennsylvania of the little league wold series. His dad passses away mid season and Micheal Arroyo the main character and his 17 year old brother Carlos are living alone in their apartment for a year until Carlos turnes 18. Michael is one of the best 12 year old pitchers ever, and all of the coaches in the league got him kicked out of the league till he shows his real birth certificate. Since he and his brother and dad moved from Cuba and then his father passes away he had now way to prove his real age. This is an amazing book and I would recommend it to anyone who likes sports and loves a good book. Mike lupica did a great job on this and it was an amazing book.

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  1. Hey in the book when Michaels dad sadly died did it affect his playing?And also what did his coach do for him, did he act as a sort of father figure?

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