Football Picture

I chose a picture of a football and helmet because I love football. I have all ways played and loved football my whole life. I love fantasy football and watching NFL. Right now I play for West Ridge Middle School. We won our first game 37-0. We have our next game tonight at lake Travis.


I just finished my book called Heat by Mike Lupica. It was a very good book about a 12 year boy who is trying to pitch his team to Williamsport Pennsylvania of the little league wold series. His dad passses away mid season and Micheal Arroyo the main character and his 17 year old brother Read More…

NFL Best Moments

This video show best nfl plays of all time. It shows you to never give up and always try your best. These are some of the most memorable play in NFL history. If you want to learn more go to this site and click on career.


Last night we had our first West Ridge Middle School football game. We played Sycamore Springs Middle School. The B team lost 14-0 it was kinda sad, but Collin E and William F where balling out at running  back and destroyed them but still lost. A team kinda kicked butt. Gavin and Theo had the Read More…