I’m Back From the Magical World

Hey guys,

So I know that I haven’t posted in a while, (hehe ??) bUt that’s only because I was in? ?New York?? ( which by the way was aMaZING!!!) so here are some reasons why you should go and see New York. ( you can also just look at google maps too… if you want.)

Number 1) It just really cool in general

Ok, some people might think is boring, but still… it a HUGE wow factor. Even if it didn’t have all the touristy places, it still would be cool, from 5th street fancy shops to sky high buildings even the hole in the wall shops, it still a ” oh my god, that awesome” factor..

Number 2) The city changes….constantly

So, one day while we were there my dad was trying to find this really amazing pastry shop that was near 5th street. When we got a round, I want to say half a block he’s like ” it not there…” and so we had to turn around and walk all the way back, my dad still swears it was there a year a go, but well… what can you do.

Number 3) The shopping experience

Ok, so maybe i did a little bit of buying when we were there, but that not my point. My dad, sis, and I were walking back to our apartment that we were staying in, when a manga store just popped out of nowhere. And I swear my sister just when on full chibi mode, and ask ” pleeeeaaaasssss????” And that somehow convinced my dad to let us get ONE and only ONE thing. ” (i ended up getting a second book to a manga series that i had) but as soon as we went in, it was Japanese heaven. There were books, mangas, plushes, you name it, they probably had it. Lets just say that my sis took her time. Another one of thoes hold in the wall  places was a tea restaurant, I swear they had the best tea EVER, ( it is to die for people) and they had deserts which mostly consisted of green tea, so we walk all the way back home ( which was 20 blocks people, 20!) because my brother and mom were crazy, and we didn’t want to be in a car with those two.

Number 4) BRODWAY!!!! * Jazz hands*????

I saw my first ever Brodway show ( it was the Lion King)  and let me just say….IT WAS FRICKIN AMAZING PEOPLE AMAZING. And to be on a street with all these amazing shows like Hamilton, Aladdin, Aniee, and Kinky Boots in lights, was really cool to just see, even tho i was going to only one of the many plays, it felt as if i were going to see them all.

So why don’t you join me in this awesome place.  See for yourself the beauty of the city that never sleeps.

Annddd that all I have for you guys today. Why don’t you comment below to tell me how I’m doing? I’m waiting?………………thank you very much, now this is Noelle signing off, PEACE OUT!✌?



  1. Mrs. Kriese · March 7, 2017 at 11:32 am ·

    Love the jazz hands 🙂

  2. andrewb7 · March 8, 2017 at 3:44 pm ·

    Hmm…Kingy Boots in light. Never heard of it.