The Flash Johnny Quick

My book that I am reading is named “The Flash Johnny Quick”. It’s about The Flash and his adventures. It shows that a regular human can be a true hero. The reason why I started reading this book is ,because it’s based off of my favorite show the Flash. I am only on page forty ,so I am not that far and don’t really have that much to say. The Flash Johnny quick is actually a second book in a sequal, the book that I was just reading is named “The Flash Hocus Pocus”.  The Flash Hocus Pocus is about The Flash (the fastest man alive) is being controlled by some Evil mysterious  magician ,but at the end he takes over his body. The Flash Hocus Pocus and the Flash Johnny quick would probably have to be one of my favorite books. That’s all I have too say goodbye farewell.

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  1. I love your blog name so much! I’m also very proud of your use of 1700’s vocabulary. Me and Zuzu actually made a “dictionary” of old-timey vocabulary, and it’s definitely…….. something. 😉

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