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 I am currently reading This Book Is Not Good For You by Pseudonmous Bosch. It is a great series that I highly recommend. You can click Book for a video on the book. There’s Max-Ernest his parents are divorced and they still live in the same house they just split it down the middle and he has to do the same thing with every parent. There’s also Cassandra or Cass she is always prepared for everything. She has her survivalist backpack on her at all times. It has everything you would need if a disaster were to occur.

They are a part of the Terces Society and their enemies are the Midnight Sun it’s a group that has special ways to stay young forever except for their hands so they always wear gloves. In this book, the midnight sun hired Señor Hugo who is blind to get a tuning fork. But not just any ordinary tuning fork, one that makes normal water into sparkling cranberry juice or one that makes dirt taste like the richest chocolate in the world.

Señor Hugo invited Cassandra, her mom Melanie or Mel for short, and all of Cassandra’s friends to a special dinner at his “ restaurant “. One that all the waiters are blind and it is pitch black in the restaurant. Señor Hugo says it heightens your sense of taste. What they don’t know is that they are really testing them to see if they are supertasters. Cassandra and her mom get into a fight and says some bad things.  The. Señor Hugo takes her mom.

Then Cassandra and her friends get out and the waiter gives her a note that says to give him the tuning fork in two days and if you tell anyone you will never see your mom again. Her friends ask her what the note is for and she says it’s just saying what wonderful guests they are.

One thing I don’t like about the book is that when they’re in the restaurant they are there for a short amount of time. My favorite character is either Max-Ernest or Sabastion (Cassandra’s grandparent’s dog) I know he’s not the main character but he’s a dog and he sounds cute. I don’t want to spoil anything so I’m going to end it here.


One of my hobby’s or favorite things to do is play the cello. I also like to watch the Ellen Show. I found somebody playing the cello that was on the Ellen Show so that’s why that link is there. You should watch it! You can look at

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