About Me

Hello, my name is Olivia. I am a cellist and have been playing cello for a little over a year now. My favorite song to play is Borrée. I’m in honors orchestra this year and hopefully next year I will be in Sinfonia A.

I have two dogs, Nella and Leo.They are both Airedale Terriers. We have had Leo for about two years but he’s a rescue so we don’t know his actual age. The vet guessed he was 5-7 years old. We have had Nella for about a month now and she’s a rescue too. Although we know she’s two and a half.

I was born in Dresden, Germany. We moved there for my dads work. He worked for a tech company at the time. Then a few months passed and around my first birthday we moved to our house in Dripping Springs. My brother was born in Austin on August 29, 2008.

Then we moved to Seoul, South Korea for my dads work again. He worked at a different tech company though. I remember it being so cold you couldn’t fell your face at all. One day there was a Typhoon and since almost every body lived in apartments we lived in one too. I remember the wind being so bad that day that our building was shaking.

But then we moved back to Dripping Springs after about a year of living  there.  I started kindergarten. My parents knew they wanted to move so they began looking for houses. They found the one I live in now but someone was renting it. In winter of 2015 we went to look at the house. And we moved in about a year later. And now I’m in 7th grade.I hope you learned something interesting about me!