How to Get Homework Done

Dear Incoming 7th graders,

Channing and I have come up with a few pieces of advice for how to get your homework done if you have a busy schedule:

After athletics, dress out quickly so that you have time to finish homework if you forgot to do it the previous night. For example, if you have one more problem on your math homework that you just couldn’t figure out how to do, you can ask a friend and do it then.
Use Wildcat Time to your advantage! Even if your teacher lets you on technology, you can get so much homework done in the 20 minutes at the end of the day, and with all of the new classes you can take, you’ll have more homework than you’re used to, and sometimes that can save you from being up till 12:00 at night.
At the end of class, your teacher might give you time to work on your homework. Use that time to do as much as possible. Even if everyone else is off-task and talking, do your best to finish as much as possible. Also, you have the time to ask your teacher questions about the homework, which you can’t do at home.

We hope this advice helps you to succeed in 7th grade with all the homework you will receive. Have fun with friends on the weekend instead of doing boring homework.


Late afternoons, we’d tuck up our hems
under Minisa Bridge, scrape our white knees
on scrub brush and drowned trees to slide
down the dirt bank past milk-weed
gone to seed, cattails and trash to sit on stones
at the edge of the river and giggle and smoke,
waiting to wolf-whistle North High’s rowing team.
In the shadows where the milk-chocolate river
unfolded, ooze between our toes, we’d strip,
risk long-legged insects, leeches and mothers
for the silt slick on our thighs, the air thick
with the smell of honeysuckle, mud—the rest
of the day somewhere downstream. We didn’t
know why, but none of us wanted
to go home to polite kitchens and mothers
patiently waiting for what happened next,
the way women have always waited for hunter husbands,
kept vigils and prayed at the entrance of mines.

When I was scrolling through the list of featured poems, on:, one poem really stuck out to me. It was one called “River.” As I read the first few lines, it really drew me in so I decided to put it on my blog, and keep it on my blog. After I put it on my blog, I knew it fit right in to the theme and colors of by blog, not just the overall appearance of it. This is why I chose this post, and kept it on my blog.


This weekend my team, Flyers, and I went to a cheer competition. This competition happens to be the biggest one in the world! The Cheerleading Worlds is located in Disney World on the 22nd-23rd. While we were not competing, we went to dinner, or lunch, or went out and explored the fun filled parks.
For the “Cheerleading Worlds,” a team has to get a bid. The most wanted bids are the “at-large” bids and the “full paid” bids. Those get you in tho the final rounds of the competition, and the competition where you got it at will pay you a certain amount of money for you to go and sponsor you. However, there are some bids, like the “wild card” and “partial paid” bids where you have to win many rounds to get into the next round all the way to the end. Also, for those bids, you have to pay to go and that way it costs so much more money than a higher value bid. For my team and my competition there are three days instead of two. The first day is the preliminary round. It’s when the second highest bid goes on the mat. Then the second day is semifinals where the best bid comes in, and the third day is finals.
We made it to day two, but not day three. They take top ten from day two and sadly we were not in top ten so we didn’t go. Instead of going to day three then, my team and I went to the parks and enjoyed the beautiful sunny day.
Some of the teams experience at comp wasn’t all fun and games. One of the boys on the team, had three cracked ribs and still had to tumble and stunt. One of the girls hyper-extended her arm at war ups, and still had to through lots of tumbling and stunt. For me though, I was ok, and got through the experience with only some bumps and bruises which is normal for such a big event.
After day three was over, and the awards were over, there was a huge BLOCK PARTY!!! It was from 10pm-2am at Hollywood studios and there were rides open to go and enjoy. Then we went back to the hotel room, which was being shared between me and another team mate, got two hours of sleep, then woke up at 4am to go get on the plane and fly home.
Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you that this is my very first worlds! You are only allowed to go to worlds when you are 12- 18, so this is the first year I’m able to do it because I’m 12. It was so exiting to learn from the best who are 18 and graduating, who taught me so much. They taught me how to first of all get around the crazy resort that we always stay at, and how to be a better person. Not to mention that the taught me how to be a competitive cheerleader. Now 7 more years of worlds to go!!!!

The Heat of Autumn

The heat of autumn
is different from the heat of summer.
One ripens apples, the other turns them to cider.
One is a dock you walk out on,
the other the spine of a thin swimming horse
and the river each day a full measure colder.
A man with cancer leaves his wife for his lover.
Before he goes she straightens his belts in the closet,
rearranges the socks and sweaters inside the dresser
by color. That’s autumn heat:
her hand placing silver buckles with silver,
gold buckles with gold, setting each
on the hook it belongs on in a closet soon to be empty,
and calling it pleasure.
autumn-1072827_1280 (1)
-I chose this poem because the season, autumn, is so overlooked, don’t you think. It’s so overlooked not only by people, or the other seasons, but even the other name in which it was given. So I think it needed to be recognized, and that’s why I chose this poem.      🙂

All photos found by: Pixabay CC0

Adventure Into America

Want to visit the United States? Well here are some highly recommended places and attractions that you might enjoy for trips and vacations at any time of the year!

Grand Canyon:

Pixabay CC0

The Grand Canyon, located in Flagstaff Arizona, is a wonderful tourist attraction with great views and sights. On the river going through it, you can go fishing, boating, and canoeing. Also, from some areas you can see ancient artifacts and engravings in the sides of the beautiful walls. Btw it is open all year around so no matter what time you go, it will always be open!

Grand Canyon Info?

Austin City Limits Festival:


Austin City Limits, or ACL fest is located in wonderful Austin, TX. This festival is known around the world for the amazing musicians that come and play. When you go, you can see any style of music from country, to blues, to pop music, ACL has it all! ACL is Sep 30-Oct 2.

Want some info?



Broadway, Broadway, Broadway! Broadway is located in Manhattan, New York and is known for its acting and performances. The shows are incredible and are open 24/7 year-round. The shows range from old folk plays to high end, all out, one of a kind shows.



All photos found on: Pixabay CC0


Riddle of the Week

I know I already posted today, but I’ve been needing to catch up so this is one of the ones to make up. Sorry!

Q: My stem’s planted firmly where I am allotted.
My tail is wavy and my face is quite blotted.
I relay much emotion though flatly I’m spotted,
And I grow half my size whenever I’m dotted.
I can speak any language, yet utter no words.
I’m no seed, yet I am well known among birds.

But I do have a speech impediment:
I can say cage but not page, aged but not wage.
I can say deaf but not red, bed but not sled.

I live on a highway that’s structurally sound,
Where you might see my friends accidentally bound.
It has many lanes, and also long lines.
There are lots of sharp turns, but plenty of signs.

I am played but not won, made but not spun.
The key is to measure before you’ve begun.

What am I?

A: musical notes.

Once I saw the answer, it made sense to me so now I get it.

Riddle of the Week

Q: There is an island with exactly 201 residents, 100 with blue eyes, 100 with brown eyes, and the island leader (who has green eyes). To leave the island, one must know their own eye color. There are no reflective surfaces on the island and no on can communicate with each other other than the leader to the residents. No one on the island knows how many of each eye color there is. Everyone on the island is a perfect logician, meaning that if there us a solution they’ll find it. Every morning the leader gives anyone a chance to leave the island by guessing their eye color. One morning, the leader gathers all 200 residents to make an announcement. He says “at least 1 person on this island has blue eyes.” How many people leave the island and in how many days after the announcement?

This riddle is still hard for me to figure out, but every time I read it it starts to make a little more sense.

A: All 100 blue eyed people in 100 days.

Here’s why: imagine there is only 1 person on the island, he will look around and see that there are no blue eyed people. He will then know his eye color in 1 day. If there are two, each will see that there is 1 blue eyed person. If this person doesn’t leave on the 1st day, that means that he must also have blue eyes so that the same rules apply to the other man’s perspective. Following this logic, n= blue eyed people and d= days so d=n because for each person added, one more day is needed to know their own eye color.

Riddle of the Week

So… I’ve seen some people doing this whole riddle of the week thing, so I thought I’d try it out. Here goes…

Q: Question: A schools computer system was recently hacked and the school has narrowed the pool of possible hackers to 5 people that were in the computer lab: Tyler, Justin, Chandler, Paige, and Shelley. Each of them gave three statements, two of which are true and one is false.

1. I didn’t do it!
2. I’ve never hacked in my life.
3. Paige did it.
1. I didn’t do it!
2. The attack was done from within the network.
3. I don’t like Shelley.
1. I didn’t do it!
2. I’ve never seen Shelley in my life.
3. Paige did it.
1. I didn’t do it!
2. Shelley did it.
3. Tyler was lying when he said I did it.
1. I didn’t do it!
2. Justin did it.
3. Chandler and I used to be friends.

Who hacked the system?
A: Justin did it

Tumbling Drills

So if you want to learn how to tumble but you don’t know how, then this is the video for you! In this post I will be teaching you some drills for tumbling.

First off…. The BACKWALKOVER!
For a backwalkover, all that you do is start standing up, and lean back into a backbend. Quickly, you bring one leg over your body. Next obviously You bring the other leg over and you’ve done it! It’s pretty much a backbend kick-over.

So to do a backhandspring you want to start with your feet a little bit in front of you. Then take a swing with your arms and jump back into pretty much a back bend. After that, you block with your shoulders and snap your legs over your body. Lastly, pick your chest up and you have done a backhandspring!!!

For this one, you are going to need a spotter, a spotter is a person or coach who knows exactly what they’re doing and will make sure you stay safe.
To do a back tuck, you take a big dip or swing with your arms, then set with your arms above your head, tuck your legs, look for the ground, and when you feel your feet hit the ground you stand up and you’ve done it!

For mor tips see my next post!

Getting Our Worlds Bid!!!!!!!!

Last weekend my cheer team, Flyers, went to Fort Worth for a cheer competition. We went to try to get our worlds bid.

So now to the actual competition.

Our day started on Sunday, and on the warm-up mat, I could already tell that it was going to be kind of a rough day: the coaches were stressing, everyone was busting, people were touching down… So we got out on the mat and low and behold… 13 tumbling falls! No stunt falls though.
After day one, we were in the running for a worlds bid!
The next day, obviously Monday, the same thing sort of happened. At warm ups, the coaches were stressing out a ton, and things just weren’t going as planned.

When we got on the floor, I forced a smile on my face, and tried my best to get the routine done. We did soooooo much better than day one. We had only three tumbling falls but two stunt falls.

Then when awards came we were hoping and praying that we still had it. Waiting…waiting….waiting….. And our next Worlds bid goes to……….. CHEER STATION FLYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We did it! Flyers are going to Worlds!!!! I’m so overjoyed and I hope that we do great at Worlds!!!!