I hate glasses. ALOT. I got my glasses at the beginning of the year, and I hate it every single second I wear them. They always fall off my face, and then they fall on the ground and get scratched. And whenever they get blurry I use the nearest fabric to clean them. But whatever I use always makes it MORE blurry!!! ITS SO CONFUSING!!!

I also have contacts. But contacts are horrible too. They are so hard to put in, and then sting whenever you put them in wrong. I’m really clumsy, so I always drop them on the floor. And sense they are clear, it takes forever to find them!!! And once you do find them, you have to wash them out, and put them in again. ITS SO CONFUSING!!!

I was thinking about laser eye surgery, but REALLY?! I will NEVER put a laser in my eye. So I guess, I will have to live with this stuff for the rest of my life. Wish me good luck.

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