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How’s it going I’m doing fine. Today I’m reading the Martian, its about a guy named Mark that get’s stuck on Mars. He got struck by debris and his crew has already left. He must survive off what’s in the HAB (the base for the astronauts) and there is only food left for 352 more Sols (1 sol = 1 day and 45 minutes on earth). There is no communication left with earth to figure out a plan, but on earth they no he’s alive because of a satelite they put up. They can see everything he does 15 minutes at a time ( it takes a picture every 21 minutes) so they are thinking of a plan but they can’t get anyone out on mars for 5 years so he would have been dead 4 years before that. Anyway I think my book is interesting and that you should read it. Also check out my other posts about my fantasy football life.

13. September 2018 by OwenB7
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  1. You should stop playing fantasy football because it is bad for u. Also, that is a cool book.

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