New Windows Mixed Reality VR Headsets

Microsoft has recently announced that they will be releasing to the general public a virtual reality(VR) headset that can run on very low end computers. Instead gaming on an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, the headset creates a virtual environment where you can pull up holograms, look at your photos, and even surf the web all from your computer data being transferred to the VR headset.


The cheapest priced headset which is the Acer mixed reality headset will be around $300,  That is a lot cheaper than higher-end VR headsets. It has already been released to developers but not to the general public.


Ever since I tried out the HTC Vive at the Microsoft store, I have wanted to do more VR. The problem was that my computer did not have a good enough graphics card to run it. Since I can run the new Acer mixed reality headset on my PC, I am very excited for it to come out so that I can buy it.


I could get work done in a virtual quiet room instead of in my kitchen with my sister running around or I could be on the beach instead of in my living room. There are a lot of great things about this new VR headset which makes me recommend that you buy it, too, because you will really love it.





Victory at Technology Student Association State Championship!

This semester, I joined the inaugural WRMS Technology Student Association.  My team included Steven Zheng, Austin He, Justin He. We spent this semester programming a video game that we called “Save Fred” using the programming language Java.

First, we designed how the game would look.  Then, we decided how we would make it and which team member would complete which part of the game.  I designed the levels and animation and Steven coded the game and imported the levels and animations that I made.  Our game won the Regional Competition and we qualified to compete at the State Championship on April 7th.  Ms. Walker and Mr. Benitez drove us to the Waco Convention Center to demonstrate our game to and be interviewed by a panel of judges.

We left WRMS at 10:00 a.m. and returned to school at 7:00 p.m.  By the time we returned to Austin, we found out that we won 1st Place in Video Game Design!!!!  To play the game yourself  just download a Jar launcher and go to the  Westridge TSA website  and download the game. My mom and dad played the game on their computers and they loved it so much, so I think that you will too.


The New Macbook Pro.

MacBook Pro

CC Pixabay

Apple’s latest version of the MacBook Pro is a mixed bag. Some of what it has to offer is cool and useful, while other things about it are down right irritating.

For example, the OLED touch bar, 4 Usb-c ports and a  headphone microphone combo jack are all major upgrades from the older MacBook Pro.  The Usb-c ports are what you would call ‘all-in-one ports’, which means that they can carry all the types of signals that used to require separate cables.  The bad thing about the Usb-c ports is that hardly anybody owns hardware that works with this type of interface (requiring one to either buy a new device or numerous dongles and adapters to connect one’s devices).

Personally, I think that a $2,500 laptop should be able to connect to my devices. You can’t even plug your new iPhone 7 into your new MacBook Pro without buying a 3rd party adapter.  I think that having ports into which I can plug my devices — the way they are — is more important than making the laptop  ridiculously thin (the MacBook Pro is prized for being one of the thinnest devices on the available).  Until Usb-c devices become mainstream, then I think that computers should have regular ports in addition to maybe 1 or 2 Usb-c ports. Almost nobody wants to carry around a bunch of dongles, and certainly nobody wants to buy a whole new device such as a printer or external hard drive.

So if you are considering purchasing a MacBook Pro, I highly recommend that you first check out a Microsoft Windows Computer such as the Dell XPS 15  which still has 1 Usb-c port but, in addition, it has some regular ports. It also has a 4k touchscreen, the body is almost as thin as the MacBook Pro but it costs a lot less, and it is a lot faster, too.



Why VR Requires Such a High End Computer

Virtual reality is a gaming system where the video game is on a screen right in front of your eyes so that it looks like your are in the game. I think that it is cool because it is very immersive and you actually feel as if you are in the game.

The only way that the VR can achieve full immersion is if it can load the whole level or building that you are in, in the game. To do that it needs to load it all in to the computers ram and it needs to be able to render it instantly for any possible angle or direction that you could turn your head. For it to be able to do those things it needs to be a very high end computer and high end computers usually are very expensive computer.


Boy Scout Campout

On a Boy Scout Campout several things  out of the ordinary happen. Here are some of those things:

You have to wake up very early in the morning to the sound of a beagle playing this song. You also have to bring and make 100% of your food which usually does not go as planned. We use stoves and campfires. We also need to bring every thing that we will need throughout the day in a day pack. Taking down the tent is one of the most annoying parts of it because you have to put every thing back and clean out the tent.


We usually stay up very late talking to each other and sometimes we wake up sweating all over the place and having to open up the tent windows. Things are very different from when you are at your house. It fact the last campout that I went to it rained and rained and rained the whole entire time. We did not get to go climbing or even get out from under this 20 foot by 15 foot shed. All of our cloths where soaked and people where getting colds and tents where wet and the whole thing was horrible.


Those are some of the things that happen during a Boy Scout Campout.




How to burn a disk on Windows 10

This evening, my mom wanted to burn some music onto a CD for my little sister.  Since she had no idea how to do it, she asked me if I could help.  I took the opportunity to teach my mom how to burn a file onto a blank disk using Windows 10.  And, here, I share my tutorial with you.

First, you need to insert a blank disk into the DVD drive of your PC.  Next, click on File Explorer and find the file that is called mp3.  I personally recommend using mp3 but other types of files will work.  Once you locate the mp3 file, then you drag it into the folder that has the name of your disk or a picture of a disk.  Next, you go to Windows Media Player and you select the sound file, then you select the disk, then you click burn.  Next, you click the mp3 file and press burn to disk.  The last step is to press burn like CD/DVD.  Then you just wait until it is finished.  When it is finished, the disk tray will pop out of the side of the computer with the disk.

That is how you burn a video or sound file onto a disk with a computer running Windows 10.  Good luck!


My Mom’s Horrible Laptop

My mom has been complaining about how ridiculously slow her laptop is. It is a Toshiba Satellite Laptop and it is 5 years old.

Her computer has an Intel Celeron  at 2.13 Ghz and it has 4gb of ddr3 ram and a 500gb HDD. I suggested that my mom replace her computer with an Intel i3 or i5 and at least 6gb of DDR4 ram. This change would increase the speed of her computer immensely.  My mom also hates how her laptop has such such a horrible resolution.  My laptop has a 15.6 inch HD Touchscreen, 8gb of DDR4 Ram, a 1tb HDD, Intel i5-7200u at 3.1GHz  and Intel Hd graphics 620. Because my computer is so much faster and has a touchscreen with better resolution, my mom frequently borrows my laptop.

If anybody has a better suggestion as to what computer my mom should buy, please tell me.


Palm Beach

I went to Palm Beach, Florida during Christmas break. I stayed there for about 2 weeks and we celebrated Christmas there. I also got to spend some time with Pirate, my grandma’s bulldog.

My grandma lives in an exclusive country club called Frenchman’s Creek. It has its very own golf course, clubhouse, and even beach club that is actually right on the beach.  You could walk from the club to the beach. We played tennis, went to the beach, went to a carnival, and even to a firework show.

Those were some of the highlights of my trip to Palm Beach over the Christmas break.



Would you like to go to Mars?

Mars is unlike Earth. First, Earth has a magnetic field that deflects and protects humans from the sun’s harmful high energy ultraviolet rays. Mars’ magnetic field is only about 1% of Earth’s magnetic field; it doesn’t filter out anything! Consequently, on Mars, humans would have no protection against the sun’s harmful rays and high energy particles. That would be deadly. Second, the surface of Mars is made of glassy, gritty dust that could stick to an astronaut’s suit. Breathing in that dust would be lethal. Third, it takes 9-12 months to get to Mars and the opportunity to go occurs only once every 2 years, when Earth and Mars are in alignment. So far, it doesn’t sound like a place worth visiting.

Yet, many people are interested in traveling to such a dangerous planet. Why?

Man has been exploring Mars through unmanned missions since 1975. Explorations are done through the use of landers, rovers and orbiters. Of the 40 Mars missions, about ⅓ have been successful. The only way we could have manned missions is if a special suit was invented to protect humans from all of Mars’ dangers. I hope a suit like that is invented so that we can possibly discover materials and elements that don’t exist on Earth which can be used to make life-changing machines. We could also study Mars and possibly find alien life on Mars. In addition to that we could make a vacuum to suck up all of the mars dust. Also we could accelerate the trip to Mars so that it does not take so long to get to Mars. We could invent a new fuel that has a stronger thrust and that lasts longer.

So would you like to go to Mars?