Having A Good Time In ???

A cold fun carzy place that you have no worries A place you that you have no worries A place that makes you want to dance while baking good ‘ole sea food fresh as you coming out the in slapping on some body powder body powder in the fresh air

A majcal majestic place where there is parades and rapping and majorette dancer and football as well as band. This place has everything about having a good ‘ole time and going to the best place to play majorette songs like Big Freta

A place that has the best clubs and the art and live music this place may have gun violence but boy those drinks and food places will make you feel so free of gun violence that you feel so free of gun violence that you will not even possible And I can’t forget the alligators!

My place is New Orleans )yep you guessed it! That  place is my home town.


What you can be



How this photo relates to me is because its a model and I do modeling for fun so this photo put me in the mind of myself. And every time look at this women  it makes me think of so many things I can be. And just a photo can make you think of all things that are uniq. And when you are looking at a photo just think of things that you can be.So next time you look at a photo think of so many things you can be.

Box Out

Box Out is a book about a basketball player that  makes it on his school varsity basketball team.when he makes the varsity basketball team I’m pretty sure he is excited.So when the basketball coach tells him he made it it he goes and tells a girl named Mackenzie.I was really happy when Mackenzie said “I’m dating a varsity basketball player’’.why?Because he seems like a pretty chill guy so I was really excited.So this he has to go back to the locker room at 6:00 to get his uniform from the varsity basketball coach.so he is jogging back to the locker to get his unformed.He gets the Unform from the coach and and gets ready for the basketball game.So he goes to school the next day and every one is yelling his name.I think he fells like a big deal and he is really asome and cool. And that is were I had left off and it’s a really good book and I recommend it to anyone who likes sports books.Have a great day !




Majorette Life

Majorette is a type of dace that requires some a lot of energy.
My mom used to do majorette when she was little and she taught me how to do it and put me in classes.So now that I know how to do majorette dance I hope to do it in college. If you want to learn more about majorette vist

XXX Tention and the Foster Kids

XXX Tention went to a foster home in Florida and gave games,toys and game systems out to the kids.So what I think about it is that it’s helpful to the Foster home .

And the kids I were so happy and I thank XXX Tention for that thanks 👏🏼.