May 12


Ferals is a name of a book that I highly enjoyed. Sadly after reading the book I read a bad book in my opinion called urban outlaws, it wasn’t the worst but it wasn’t at it’s full potential. Anyway that is besides the point, we are here to talk about Ferals.                                                                                                            Like I said I thought it was a good book, although I thought it kind of over explained some things but we’ll get to that later. It is basically about a boy named Caw who was cast out by his parents for no reason and was saved and raised by crows, and he can talk to them and understand what they say while everyone else hears crows cawing.                                                                                                                                I thought it had a cool plot and really liked the rest of it except for a couple of things. First off I felt like sometimes it would over explain a really cool part and other times it would under explain a cool fighting scene. Also there are lot of moments when I thought he should do this and he ends up doing something completely different. But other than those two things the book was really good and I suggest you read it. Also if someone could make a movie of it and not ruin it, that would be awesome.

April 28

The Giver

I just finished the Giver and I was surprised how good it was because it just never looked that interesting but after reading it I was amazed at how intriguing it was. I not going to spoil it for you but if you haven’t read it I highly recommend reading it.

But that is beside the point because the real reason I am here is to talk about the movie version of the Giver. I have to say that it kinda sucks. Now the movie by itself is pretty good but after reading the book it was just annoying and bad. The problem was that there was a bunch of minor details that get messed up like the apple part,but there are also one or two major plot holes that just mess it up, so I highly recommend that you watch the movie first then read the book if you are going to. That is all for today, bye.

April 14

The Scrappy

The Scrappy
by Parker M

His body is rectangular

And small

And golden brown

And as he passes the window

He turns,

And barks at a jogger

Who is jogging.

And I saw the flash of white teeth

And the wag of a little tail

And eyes of dark brown

Confused and sad

Then out of the yard

With those four little legs

Running through the doggie door

Laying on his bed



On guard

He slept that strange little dog

Rectangular, small, golden brown

Part lion, part wolf

Part neither-for he is Scrappy.

Inspired by the poem “The Shark” by Edwin John Pratt.

April 7


Badman of the Guest Professor


u worry me whoever u are
i know u didnt want me to
come here but here i am just
d same; hi-jacking yr stagecoach,
hauling in yr pocket watches & mak
ing u hoof it all d way to
town. black bard, a robber w/ an
art: i left some curses in d cash
box so ull know its me

listen man, i cant help it if
yr thing is over, kaput,
no matter how u slice it Dick
u are done. a dead duck all out
of quacks. d nagging hiccup dat
goes on & on w/out a simple glass
of water for relief

I like this poem because it is different and random. It talks about stealing from the rich, and how a thief leaves his calling card which is kinda cool, but I am not quite sure what the first paragraph has anything to do with the second paragraph.It also says that he won’t change from who he is which is something I believe in.

March 4

Who is better, Deadpool or Spiderman?

Today in who or what is better we shall be judging Dead pool and Spider man. Now I will explain to who they are and what their powers are. Lets start with Spider man. His actual name is Peter Parker, his parents died when he was young so he has been living with his aunt and uncle. He was bitten by a radioactive spider that gave him spider like agility, he can shoot webs,and can sense danger. He is sarcastic and tries to help people as much as he can. Dead pool real name is Wade Wilson. He had a girlfriend when he was diagnosed with cancer and in a last ditch effort he went with a government organization called Weapon x( the same people who made Wolverine). His cancer was cured but he was horribly disfigured and became a bit insane. That was after months of weapon x torturing him. He is now a mercenary who sometimes helps people. Personally I like Dead pool better because he is funnier and crazier.

February 11

The Mortality Doctrine

I have been reading this book called The Game of lives, and it’s the third book of the Mortality Doctrine series and also the conclusion. Now don’t worry I won’t spoil the book or anything just want to talk about the book.

Now I haven’t read the whole thing, but so far it’s interesting enough. The series is about a kid named Michael and his experience in a future gaming system. The third book is really not as good as the first two, which is surprising because it is written by the author of the Maze Runner series, James Dashner.

Here is what I don’t like. The book has an amazing story, and plot line, but it’s just too confusing. It moves too fast, like the character is doing something and then all of a sudden he is doing something else entirely and thinking something else. There’s no “drawing out the moment”, and his thoughts are just all over the place, and confusing. The book just doesn’t explain much and thinks the reader will know all about the futuristic world and all its mechanics.

Well anyway, that is my opinion, but you guys can go and read it for yourself if you want to. Bye, guys.

February 4

Phantom of The Opera

215 years after the phantom of the opera, a kid named Greg has gone into the opera house to hide from the cops. He’s looking for a hiding spot, when he sees’ a trapdoor. He jumps down it and is welcomed by darkness and cold. A drop of water fall on his forehead, that’s when he realized he is in a real cave, and not just a stage prop.

He walks through the cave tunnel for what seemed like hours, until he comes upon a boat and a little river. He hears the distant shouts of the police and hoops right in the boat. He slowly driftes down the little water passage way, until he comes to little opening in the cave.

He gets out of the boat and looks around, There are mannequins laying around seemly staring at him. There is a giant dusty organ in the middle of the room. And off to the corner of the room is a big old looking throne. Greg takes a step towards it and feels something crunchy under his foot. It’s a human skull! That’s when he realizes the pungent smell of death. He looks around and sees bones everywhere!

He keeps telling himself that they are just stage props, but deep down he knows they’re not. He continues to walk towards the throne, stepping carefully over the bones. When he finally gets there, he realizes that a skeleton is siting on the throne. The Skelton is wearing a cape and is looking down at a mask.

Next to him on a table is a little music box with a monkey on top. Greg picks it up and it starts to play a little tune.Greg is startled to hear voice nearby say” It’s a beautiful little tune, don’t you think?”. Greg looks around but sees no one.” Don’t act so frightened boy, I am right here.” Says the voice. This time Greg hears where the voice is coming from. He looks behind the throne thinking someone is there, but no one is.

He goes back to the front of the throne and looks at the skeleton wondering if there is some speaker there that leads to a hidden room, when the skeleton says,” If you are looking for me I am right in front of you.”. Greg screams. The skeleton continues, ” No need to scream. I must thank you for waking me up from my slumber. You may call me, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!”.

His voice echoes in the cave. Greg just stares for a while, until he says, ” Hi, p-p-phantom my name is G-G-Greg and I have to go now.”. Greg starts to walk away when the phantom says ” Are you sure you want to leave, we were just getting to know each other?”. ” No I’m good I just leave, goodbye now.” Greg says. He runs to the boat with the music box and paddles away quickly. ” Why do they always run.” The phantom sighs,” He’ll be back, I know it.”.

January 28

Prized Possession

I used to have a really cool toy that I loved when I was little. It was a little Ben Ten action figure of an alien he transform into. I loved it because it was very flexible so I could move it around and make it do a lot of things.

I would bring it everywhere I went, even to a restaurant. About three years after I lost it, I was so sad that I could not find it anywhere I looked. Everyday I came home I would ask my mom if she had seen the toy anywhere and every time she would say no. Finally after two years of searching relentlessly I found it in my mom’s car.

I was so happy I had found it that I was bouncing off the walls out of excitement. I don’t have it anymore but at least I still remember it. Comment if you still remember your favorite toy from when you were young. Ok bye.