I choose a picture of Ice cream because they are the best! I assume that everyone had ate it before. There are over 1000 flavor of ice cream that existence! My favorite flavor is coffee….(not a common one😋) but it taste absolutely amazing🍦! If you haven’t tried it before, I would recommend you to try it.

The Naturals

The book I am reading now is called The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. The story took place in a tiny town of Virginia close to the FBI headquarters.

It is about a 17 years old girl named Cassie. She isn’t like most teenagers, her mother died 5 years ago in a mystery murder, and she have a special skill at reading people. She can tell where the person from, who is it, what you want just by looking at you. Special Agent Tanner Briggs which involved in Federal Bureau of Investigation invite Cassie to join the Naturals. They didn’t just want to teach her how to hone her skills, they also wanted to use them to catch serial killers. Cassie mom’s murder is still an unsolved mystery, they didn’t even find her body. All they know is that there is a serial of murder related, they all have some commons. The thing that they also didn’t realize is that the dangerous is closer and closer….

I Love Band!!!

My favorite subject has always been band, it is so fun!😛🤩 Since I am a seventh grader now, the schedule changes a little, which I am not really happy with ☹️🙁😐. Last year, percussion is the second period, and now it switch to third! So I have to wait one more hour to go to band. Even though my friend didn’t make it in the symphonic band which I am sad about because I’m the only girl now😞😔, but it is still really fun🙃!