The giants of Godzilla

For the past 60 years Godzilla hade made his movies in one searies but it’s not always Godzilla who is the largest monster in the world. There are many other monsters bigger than him in fact, I am going to talk the best, coolest and largest of monsters in Godzilla.

First monster well its king Gidorah. King Gidorah is a gigantic monster dragon that thinks he is better than Godzilla. Even though King Ghidorah may look like the king of monsters but he is not. So this dragon is different than the others because well he dose not have any hands or arms. But he has two powerful wings that can smash everything in King Gidorah’s way.

There is also Distroyah. He is another monster that is bigger than Godzilla. He has arms and hands but like the Tyrannosaurus Rex he has small arms and hands. Like King Ghidorah, he has wings that are powerful. Like baragon in Godzilla GMK, Destroyah has a horn that can slash the other monsters chest.

Next one is Space Godzilla. He is a Godzilla with two crystals on his shoulders. The difference between Space Godzilla and Godzilla is that Space Godzilla has a tail twice the size of Godzilla. Like Godzilla he has spikes that are on his back.

Another one is Biolantae. She is a giant mutation that is half rose and half Godzilla. Like any other monster she has her own battle skills to kill her arivals. In her belly, the hears and some other organs are there to protect her from exploding, but unfortunately her belly is the week spot of Biolantae.

Next on the list is Kiryu. Kiryu is the last Mecha Godzilla in the searies. He is as tall as Godzilla. like any monster he has a trial powerful enough to slash or smash the enameys body. Kiryu has all sorts if weapons, but the most powerful one is his ice beam, the ice beam is for freezing Godzilla and destroy him off.

Next monster is mothra. She is a giant moth that brings peace. She usually had her own movies but that was after some of the Godzilla movies. She was last seen in Godzilla final Wars. She was not the only one who was in that movie. There where a lot of Godzillas enameys that where way back in the 90s. Here some of these monsters that where in the movie: rodan, king Ceasar, Angirus, Kumonga, Manda, Gigan and yes even godzilla 1998 was there in that movie, even bought everybody hates him he still is a cool monster. So mothra she first appeared in Godzilla against mothra in 1964 that is the third Godzilla movie with a monster. Through the years she gets better at fighting. She even gets larger every year too.

The last monster in this list is yes Godzilla himself. No one can’t leave the king of the monsters out of there list. He is so badly awesome that whe gets larger every year. Last time he was 118 meters tall that’s almost the same size aaa the king a cah the largest roller coaster in the world. He use to be 50 meters that’s a good start. But when each movie gives he gets 10 meters taller. I though Kiryu was a 100’meters but he was actually 60 meters. In 2004 he was 100, meters then in 2014 he got 108 meters, last year in 2016 he again grower to 118 meters tall and that’s a lot. In 2014 he was so heavy he was 900 thousand tons. That’s as heavy vet as 200 impire state biuldings.

So what do you think about my list? Tell me any questions and I will answer them. Okay that’s it for now bye

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  1. Impressive organization and elaboration in this post! I enjoyed learning more about Godzilla’s world 🙂

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