Food Inc.

This Monday and Tuesday I watched a documentary called Food Inc. The movie basically uncovers some of the food secrets that the food industry hides. The purpose of watching the movie was to educate us on the truth of our food. The movie really changed the way I think of the food I eat.

The first part of the movie talked about chickens. It showed chickens raised by a farmer who worked for Tyson Foods Inc. There were hundreds of chickens crammed in a wee cage. All of the chickens had been pumped with antibiotics to make them bigger and tastier. Occasionally their bodies grew too fast for their internal organs so they shut down and the chickens died.

We then saw chickens raised by a farmer who worked for Purdue. She felt bad for the chickens, so there were a few windows in the cages with the suffering chickens. The farmer is very sympathetic for the chickens and is seen grieving while holding dead chickens. The farmer was ordered to give the chickens no windows and for it to be pitch black. She didn’t listen and got her job taken away from her.

Lastly we see a farmer who lets his chickens roam around in the outdoors. I would prefer all chickens to get to live like this before they were killed because at least they would not be suffering in their short lives.

I was really shocked by how horribly most chickens are treated in the food industry. It’s definitely not okay to let this go on. From now on I think i’m going to steer clear from chicken that have hormones in them and you should too!

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One thought on “Food Inc.

  1. Love your writing! I watched this movie a few years ago. It is disturbing and makes you think about the food you are putting in to your body.

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