Love and Gelato: Jenna Evans Welch (First Post)

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Love and Gelato is about a teenage girl named Lina, in this situation Lina’s mom has passed away and she is forced to move to Italy with her “dad” Howard, Lina isn’t sure if Howard is her dad or not but the more the embraces the vibes of Italy the more secrets she uncovers about her mom, her REAL dad, and Howard and along the way Sonia, Howard’s friend, gives her a journal that her mom used to write in when she studied in Italy. Lina makes many friends and is very popular, granted her new school doesn’t get many new people. She meets a boy named Lorenzo (Ren for short) in the beginning of her stay, Lina and Ren become instant friends, the more she stays in Italy the more she realizes how good gelato is and how Italian she actually is. I really enjoyed this book if you see it in the library 100% recommend it!!

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  1. Looks like an amazing book! My book that I’m reading right now has a main character name Lina too! Definitely going to read it!

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