It was a very hot and scorching day. I walked on to the field, nervous and worried that we would lose. But I was confident that we could win our first game. The whistle blew and we had the greater amount of possession. It was a hard game against the Houston Texans. But we overpowered them… Passing the ball side to side, we found an opening in the line of defense, playing the ball through to our forward, he took a touch… GOAL! We scored. The Texans started to grunt and slow down because they were so tired, but we didn’t. The game ended and we shook hands with the opposing team. Victory was ours! We ended up winning 5-0 but the Texans still fought hard. Overall it was a good game, but we don’t get a break, we are still preparing for our next challenge in a couple weeks, but that test will be even harder than the last…

2 thoughts on “My First Soccer Game of the Season

  1. Great voice in this, Preston. I can see the action, and I can feel the excitement of that goal.

    I look forward to hearing about that next game.

  2. I look forward to hearing more about you soccer season, I like how you had a lot of voice keep up the good work.

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