Over the weekend was the 2017 USRowing Central Youth Championships! On Friday we drove to Oklahoma and spent Saturday and Sunday there racing.

On Saturday I rowed in the men’s U-17 single and I finished in seventh place out of twenty in my time trial, but only six go on to finals (not ūüôĀ me). It was rather upsetting, because I was five seconds away from qualifying for finals. It wasn’t my best race, I didn’t PR and I know I could’ve done better, but I had more races on Sunday ¬†that I did qualify in. Also the competition was pretty tough in the single race, because it was U-17, my races on Sunday were the men’s novice eight, and the men’s novice double. Those races won’t have anyone over 15 , so it should be easier.

Speaking of Sunday, I did super well in my¬†double. I was bow seat and my friend Raphael was stroke seat. ¬†There were twenty-one entries for the double and I got second in the time trial, however in the finals we ¬†got third. My main competition in that race was the other boat from Texas, at the Heart of Texas regatta they beat us just barley, but at States we beat them, but I was surprised that in our time trial we passed them, and beat them by more than 30 seconds, and they didn’t even get into finals.¬†The other boat I was ¬†racing on Saturday was the mens novice eight. I wasn’t really not sure what to expect in that race, because I don’t usually race eights, and it wasn’t that great. We didn’t go to finals and we were very slow.

Even though I only meddled in one boat it was still a whole lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to practices and hopefully getting first place in my double next year.

Losing Things

I loose things a lot, and it makes me very frustrated when I can’t find them.

When I loose things first I pray to Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lost items. After this I think about the last time I had it, and try to think really hard about where it could have gone. Almost every time I find it.

However recently I lost my iPad and it caused me a lot stress and frustration. It was missing for over a month. I honestly had no clue where it went, but I kept praying to Saint Anthony, and I kept thinking, because I knew if my parents found out I didn’t have it at all they would be mad ‚ÄĒ they wouldn’t want to pay for a new one. Surely enough it finally was found and I didn’t need to stress as much as I did.

Loosing things happens a lot and sometimes it can be frustrating, but if you try what you have lost can always be found.

Flat Earth Society

I’m sick of all you round earth believers trying to tell me the earth is not flat. I’m here to tell you why I KNOW the earth is flat.

*Disclamer: I apologize if I come across sounding harsh, it’s just a sore subject for me since I truly believe the earth is flat. Everyday of my life I get bullied just because I am part of the flat earth society. Join me in this and help me abolish the “myth” that the earth is round.*

Now some people tell me: “If the earth was flat, then gravity would be a lot stronger.” Well I’m telling you now GRAVITY IT ISN’T A THING take gravity and just throw it away cause it is not a thing gravity does not exist, they just made it up so they could tell you the earth is round.

Next, people who think they have traveled around the world are just going under Antarctica. Then the sun just goes from the top of the world to Antarctica (same with the moon), and then they come back up when it’s time.

then the way we all keep together is that there is a huge wall of ice all the way around us. So all you people who are telling me the earth is not flat can go just… die, because you are contributing to illuminati theories yes that’s right, because us the flat earth society we kinda think that the illuminati is trying to make us think the earth is round. Umm faking satellite images is very easy, umm what else uh faking trips to space umm just stuff like that you’re contributing to it. Also satenism, sin, lies yes lying is a sin.

Also the earth is flat, because if we have airplanes in a round earth they are just gonna go off and fall right off the edge so yeah the earth is flat thank you for reading this and spread the word join the flat earth society today.

*Please do not take anything from the above seriously it was a joke. If you honestly believe the earth is flat well I’m open to anything, but that’s a little far fetched. The earth is not flat and that’s the truth. Thank you.

I Can’t Write a Poem

I Can’t Write a Poem

I can’t write a poem it‚Äôs way too hard
and it takes too much time,
I can’t write a poem it doesn’t make sense
someone said I have to rhyme

My teacher said I just have to think,
and I told her…

You can lead any horse to water,
but you can’t make it drink
you can tell me to write,
but you can’t make me think

My teacher came back over and she told me,
you can write a poem!
when I asked her what she means,
you have crafted an art

I read what I had written and yelled,

I wrote this poem entirely on accident, I wrote down a few words cause
I had to have something and then I just figured I could change a few of my
words and add some pauses and it worked it became a poem. I guess now
that I go back and reflect on my writing I would share this with people
so they can realize anyone can turn a few ideas into a poem.

~Quentin Schaefer

School is too much work!

I think school is too much work if there gonna make us come to school for 7 and a half hours each day they can’t expect us to have more work at home.

I think school is to much work without homework I can barely hold my self together. I have to leave my house at 7:30 and I get back at 4:30 then I have about an hour of homework each night and, there is so much more I have to do at home. I get to bed late and have to wake up early in the morning I barely have time for anything EVEN SLEEP!! I think they need to give us less homework and make school shorter.


My favorite styles of music to play are baroque and jazz. Baroque because I like Bach and I have always liked playing classical and baroque music, and I like to just have a traditional chord progression that has a cool melody. I really like minor almost stormy like music and that’s something you can get in baroque. I like to have minor arpeggios on the low end and a fast moving intense high end.

But I really like jazz and sometimes I say I like it more because of how complex the chord progressions are, and it’s harder so it’s a bit of a challenge I have only been practicing jazz style music for about a year on piano and I’m in jazz band and I love playing jazz on trumpet. I would not say I’m very good I am only just learning the basics cause with jazz there is so much to learn cause of how complex it is. And I like to improvise.

But my favorite thing in music to learn about is theory a and how chords work cause that is how I learn to improvise and write my own music.(but I hate doing work out of the theory book my teacher gives me.)

2016 Election

The 2016 Election is garbage. Full of under qualified, racist and flat out stupid candidates.

Currently in the election is Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. Donald Trump is to full of him self and under qualified, I thought Gary would be the best until I heard him talking about Aleppo he didn’t know what it was (and I’m not really a libertarian), Jill is under qualified a terrible person in generall she has hardly any background in politics and has had a warrant out for her arrest more than once, and Hillary don’t even get me started on her. I just don’t see how we got here with these four candidates. Feel free to share your opinion.

Harambe is so beautiful!!!!!!

Look at how adorable Harambe is eating his celery he was a great gorilla. I love Harambe so much, and recently I’ve been learning a lot about Harambe. Harambe was harmless and what he was doing to that little boy was just play he was in little to no harm. That boy was not smart to go into the enclosure and I think that the boy has murdurred Harambe.

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