Well, I’m excited….

Oh My GOD! Ugh, ok, if you’re wondering what I’m screaming about, it’s the new SUPER SMASH BROS 4 FOR THE WII U. Now half you guys out there reading this is are saying ” what is the nerdy weeaboo talking about?” Well I’ll tell you. This is probably my favorite video game series in all of the world. If you’ve heard of mortal kombat or any other fighting game, it’s kinda like that except with only nintendo characters! It’s one of those games that will either make you hate your friends or form unfair alliances against other friends. Now the best part is…… IT’S COMING OUT IN LIKE A MONTH!!! Yep, it’s coming out on November 21st! and when it comes out, I PROMISE to post a review about it. Well until then, stay awesome. See you later!

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