So, half of you are gonna be like, “PLEASE, No More Video Game News!!!!!!” but I’m sorry, I’ve got big news…. The new Super Smash Bros.™ came out over the weekend, and I am SO happy!!!!!! Literally, I was jumping up and down in Best Buy because I was so excited the game was finally in my hands!!!

So here is a basic rundown of most of the features this game includes, for those who actually care: There are LOTS of new characters including Wii Fit Trainer and, get this, the Dog from Duck Hunt! (that pesky, laughing dog…) There’s a new smash mode called “8-Player Smash!” which, as you guessed it, allows you to have up to 8 players settling it in smash! Haha, I know, I’m hilarious. You can know make and customize your own players in “Character Customization”! You can even make characters from already made Miis! Although the classic mode is a LOT different from last game’s, it’s still amazingly addictive and fun.

Now, these are only 3 out of many, many things new in the new SSB4, and I encourage you  to go out and find the rest. If you find anything you like, post it in the comments below! Bye! 😉

The Almighty Golden Spaniel!!!!

Now, I know that all of you people know what a Golden Retriever and a Cocker Spaniel are separately, but what if you bred them together? IT BECOMES THE CUTEST LITTLE CREATURE TO ROAM THE EARTH!!!

Ok, most of you guys think I’m over reacting (and I probably am) but seriously, just look up pictures on Google and see how adorable those little munchkins are! I literally want to be smothered in these dogs when I die.

Obviously, it has to be a certain mix of the two to be the cutest; the predominant side has to be golden retriever, unless it looks like a bigger than usual Cocker Spaniel…

The first time I saw this precious animal I almost jumped off the wall because I was so excited that I had found the perfect dog for when I grow up!

Alright, now I’ve got a question for you guys! What is your dream dog and why? Post your responses in the comments below!

P.S.: I found a picture of it, it’s mainly on the Cocker Spaniel side so it’s not really that perfect…

Winston and his raccoon
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Will Marlow via Compfight

A Poem Portraying Fear….

My heart beats faster and faster,

as the monster just stands there,

and my legs start to tremble like jelly.

Panic flushes my heart and my

fight or flight mechanism kicks in hard.

I sprint to the door, but it turns into the monster, and surrounds me.

Then I realize what’s been happening this whole time.

It’s all a dream!

I jump to pinch my arm and do whatever I can to wake myself up!

And then my eyes flip open and I’m relived feel the cool air on my face

I realize where I am and smile…